Your redemptive purpose

a plan for your lifeThere seems to be two types of redemptive purposes in our lives. Most of the time we long to know the ‘life-long’ redemptive purpose. This is a good thing. However, there are also many examples in the Bible of people who had a ‘moment in time’ redemptive purpose.
This ‘moment in time’ redemptive purpose is something that happens while we are busy with the ordinary things of life. It can be that in the midst of everyday life that the opportunity arises for us to do something greater than ourselves. We may not understand it at the time, but God is using us and in the process others lives can be touched and changed.
This is where it becomes very important for us to follow the promptings of the Spirit of God as we go through life.  You may feel prompted to do something special for someone else. As you respond to those promptings God can begin to use you and touch someone else in the process.
A little secret that I have discovered is that when we fulfill the ‘moment in time’ purposes on an ongoing basis, we will discover that our lifetime redemptive purpose begins to unfold.

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