Biblical examples of redemptive purpose

a plan for your life
One of my favourite examples is the person Moses. Here we had a man for who God had a lifetime purpose – to deliver the nation of Israel from slavery under the Egyptians.
It was a great a noble purpose. In the process many miracles had taken place. He had survived the extermination of all the Jewish boys by the Egyptians. He had ended up well positioned in the royal Egyptian palace. He went on to make a big mistake and ran away into exile. There he spent 40 years wondering around the desert looking after animals. But God still had a plan to use him and God still had a redemptive purpose for his life.
The harlot, Rahab was another example. She played a critical role at a specific ‘moment in time’ in the nation of Israel. She lived in a great and powerful city. When the Jewish spies came to spy out the land, they were almost captured, but Rahab hid them and they were saved. As a result, when the Israelites came and conquered the city, Rahab and her family were saved. The greatest joy was still to come. Because she had fulfilled her ‘moment in time destiny’ she become part of the lineage and line that would eventually carry the Son of God, Jesus. Don’t forget the fact that she was a harlot (prostitute).

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