We need a sure foundation

a sure foundationWithout a sure foundation you will surely fall. This is so true and especially in the physical realm.
Some years ago I was involved in a project to build a new facility on our church property. It was a much-needed facility. We made one mistake and that was that we elected to build the facility on an area of landfill that had not been compacted and we did not give enough attention to the foundations on this unstable ground. The building was completed and looked really grand. But within weeks, cracks and crevasses started to appear. Some of the doors would not close and others were impossible to open. The structure became unstable and the facility could no longer be used for safety purposes. Experts were brought in and the foundations were opened and underpinned with supports to lift and carry the foundation so that the building could be secured.
The same is true in our lives. If the foundation is not sure the cracks will begin to show and the very building that we thought was so grand will begin to crumble around us. We need a sure foundation in our lives!

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