There are those who are ready to receive God with open arms

Receive Him with open arms

Luke 8:40 ‘On the other side of the lake the crowds received Him with open arms, for they had been waiting for Him.’

Now Jesus returns to the other side of the lake to a dramatically different response.  Here He was celebrated, welcomed, expected, anticipated and hoped for.
I often watch the events in England when the British royalty have a special event. Some years ago we saw Prince William marry Kate. It was a celebrated event.
People came from all over the world and some even slept on the pavements in the hope of catching just a glimpse of the couple. A couple they would in all likelihood never meet, never even get to know and who would never know them. But come they did in their hundreds of thousands.
We should have this same response as those on the other side of the lake; they were ready and waiting to receive Him with open arms. Let us be one of those who are always ready and willing to receive Him with all our hearts and with our arms wide open.

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