Be ready to welcome and receive Him

Receive Him with open arms
Different translations of the Bible say it differently.

  • ‘The crowds welcomed Jesus’ – New Living Translation
  • ‘The crowds received Him with open arms’ – Living Bible
  • ‘The people gladly received Him’ – King James
  • ‘A great crowd received Him’ – Bible in Plain English

The Greek original indicates that He was welcomed, received, embraced and accepted gladly.  These words are verbs, doing words.
To receive Him means to give Him access and permit Him to enter your heart and life.  To receive also means to believe. There is no room for doubt but we need to believe and receive Him.  To receive Him is to give Him right of way, to give Him your best and your all.  To welcome Him means to accept Him with pleasure.  To welcome Him means to embrace Him in your heart and life.
Let Him be and become your delight, your treasure and your eternal reward.  Take a moment right now and receive and welcome Him into your heart, into your life and into your world.

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