The Holy Spirit gives us practical help

Holy Spirit

John 14:26 But the Comforter, who is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

What is a Comforter? – An advocate, intercessor, a consoler, comforter, helper.
The Greek original is Paraklétos – pará, “from close-beside” and /kaléō, “make a call” – Example, a legal advocate who makes the right judgment-call because they are close enough to the situation.
It also means an advisory-helper. One called to one’s aid.  It is a picture of one who comes alongside. In its most basic form it means helper.  Help is something practical. If I am drowning and someone comes and helps me, they step into my situation and help me out of it.

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