Breaking through the ceiling

In life we are designed to know the closeness and the presence of God in our lives as a living reality.  We are meant to know the Lord as OUR Shepherd.  But then life happens and things happen that get in the way or cause a blockage.  Usually we are very aware of this. We know that things are not as they should be.
I have often heard people say that there is a ceiling that blocks their access to God. They tell me that they feel like their prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. It is a strange thought, but most of us have felt this way at some time.
It is all good and well when things are going well, but to feel like there is a ceiling, especially when things are not going well, is very tough. This season is characterized by dryness, wilderness, darkness, barrenness or distance. Things do get in the way, but God meant for these things to be removed so that we can break through those blockages.

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  1. Good day Pastor Andrew and Alive to God ministries I believe the scriptures send today were talking to me. There are moments in life where I would feel like my Father in heaven is far away from me and hence is not listening to my prayers they just bounce up the ceiling. When I sit back and mediate it only the devil who is deceiving me. The Almighty is always there though I have sinned many times the Holy Spirit encourages me to press on. There is a road ahead even though it not easy.I feel sometimes that world is again me waiting to swallow me. But I am greatful for the comforting scriptures on a daily basis. May the Almighty continue blessing you all.

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