Blockages to breakthrough: bitterness

Bitterness is the negative response to hurt in our lives. Perhaps somewhere in our lives we have been hurt. It could be that we have been abandoned or neglected or abused (as well as many others) and as a result we were hurt. In the processing of the hurt we could develop bitterness towards others and God. This root of bitterness robs us of what God has for us and begins to eat at us and eventually, if allowed to go unchecked, can destroy us!  These unresolved issues in our lives bring distance between us and God and cause us to sense a distance.
Hardness of heart is another aspect that undermines our relationship with God.  There are so many reason why we would allow our hearts to become hard. This hardness causes a hindrance or a blockage that leaves us feeling alienated from God!

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0 thoughts on “Blockages to breakthrough: bitterness

  1. Good evening Pastor thank you for the scriptuure. I agree bitterness separates us from God’s love. it hinders the relationship we have with our Mighty father. Sometimes the people we love and adore cause bitterness in our heart’s. It is so difficult to forgive someone you love who has committed something wrong against you. Yet at the end of the day no one sees the damage caused. Pastor I may the Lord Almighty continue to give me the strength to hold on hence the road we are traveling is not easy. I need to be strong and trust the Lord at all times. Lord have mercy.

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