Blockages to breakthrough: doing your own thing

Doing our own thing or doing what seems goon to us, is another aspect that leaves us feeling removed from God.  When we insist, consciously or unconsciously, on doing what we want, it is as if God withdraws.  I once heard someone say: ‘Either God works and we rest or we work and God rests.’
Often people will speak to me and tell me that God is not speaking to them. They will tell me that it feels like there is a ceiling between them and God and they do not seem to be able to bridge the divide. Then I will usually ask the question: ‘What was the last thing God told you and did you do it?’
I have often found people will go to God and ask Him what to do about a specific situation. They will feel God tells them to do something that they feel is too difficult or not what they had in mind. As a result they do nothing and continue to ask God what to do and it is then that people feel like God is silent. This amounts to disobedience.
If you wants to remove the blockage, go back to the last thing that God told you to do and do it and you will discover how the flow between you and God is resumed.

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