Keys to breakthrough: repentance

I believe that there are several keys to making sure that nothing stands in the way of our relationship with God.  Just allow your heart to be reassured that God loves you and He wants a clear channel between you and Him.
Repentance is the first and perhaps the primary key.  Perhaps we have allowed sin, bitterness, hardness or heart or disobedience into our lives.  Whatever it may be, God wants it cleared away even more than you want it to be removed.
It starts as we bring it to God and confess it as wrong, asking Him to forgive us so that the blockage can be removed.

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  1. This is so true and very profound I have been there and I ask for prayer help that I be untited again with my family as me and my wife are cuurently on separation as a result of past hurts and bitterness.I thank God that he brought me into this situation and I have learnt to let God be the “DRIVER” of my marriage.Thanks to Alive to God Ministries that with this daily qoutes I am now closer to God than ever and I know he will make a way.

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