We need a shield

the Lord is your shield
In many ways we need a shield.  Our very own planet Earth depends on a shield to survive.  Our own lives depend on this great unseen shield.
The Earth is protected by an ozone layer. It is also called the Ozone Shield.  It is a layer in the earth’s atmosphere that absorbs most of the UV rays from the sun.
The truth is that there is very little ozone in the ozone layer, but it is very important. It absorbs and shields us from harmful UV which is harmful to all living things. Without this shield, life on earth as we know it would cease to exist.  So in a very real sense we already live with a shield that God has put in place to protect us from things that could destroy us.
Just as we need and could not live without this ozone shield, so we cannot live without the shield that God offers us. The Bible tells us that the enemy goes around like a roaring lion, looking to destroy each one of us.  But God offers to be our shield.
As He said to Abram, He says to you: ‘I AM YOUR SHIELD!’  This promise is for you as well.  We are part of that seed and as such we too can appropriate this great comfort to our own lives.
As children of God we need a shield. There are many enemies and many things that would try to wear us down or destroy us. The Bible speaks of the enemy we face and it speaks of the ‘fiery darts’ that we will face.  But God graciously undertakes to intervene and be a shield to us.

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