Don't let your heart be troubled

Don't let your heart be troubled
There are many things in life that can trouble us. There are many things that can bring distress and end us up in despair.  But God wants us to know that He will not abandon or dessert us. He wants to see us through and give us His peace.  There may be many things that we do not understand or leave us troubled, but God’s advise to us to that we not allow our hearts to become troubled. God wants to give us His peace in the midst of all that we may be going through and experiencing.
To be troubled is really a condition within ourselves. External circumstances and situations can be the spark that sets us off.  To be troubled is to be in a condition in which we are concerned or worried.  But it goes beyond worry and concern to the point where we become emotionally and mentally distressed.  This disturbance within us leads to us becoming distressed and we end up troubled.  It leaves us asking the question ‘why?’ or ‘How could this happen?’ But what does God say about this condition? That is the important question.

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  1. Every on one of us needs Spiritual Guidance. Without it is like Walking Dead. Take comfort in Faith and Belief for a better tomorrow.

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