A divine appointment for Joshua

Divine Appointments

Joshua 5:13-15 As Joshua was sizing up the city of Jericho, a man appeared nearby with a drawn sword. Joshua strode over to him and demanded, “Are you friend or foe?” “I am the Commander-in-Chief of the Lord’s army,” he replied. Joshua fell to the ground before him and worshiped him and said, “Give me your commands.” “Take off your shoes,” the Commander told him, “for this is holy ground.” And Joshua did.

In this moment God had intersected his life.  Joshua knew how to respond.  He understood that this was a divine, God-organized moment and his response is interesting.

  1. He fell to the ground.
  2. He worshiped.
  3. He was ready to hear the instruction.
  4. He obeyed and removed his shoes.

We can learn from this and respond to God in the same way.

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