Stick with what God has said

coping with change
One thing we need to stick with is to make sure we stick with what God has told us. If God has told you to do something, you need to stick with what he has said and make sure you obey. Often times as we deal with change we begin to doubt what God has said.

Ezekiel 11:19-20 I will give you one heart and a new spirit; I will take from you your hearts of stone and give you tender hearts of love for God, so that you can obey my laws and be my people, and I will be your God.

I have had to hold onto what God has said to me in the middle of the most contradictory circumstances. If you feel that God has spoken to you or opened a door for you, then stick with what God has said.  The alternative is being tossed about and that is even more difficult.

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    Let us hearken to that which; the Lord instructed us. To obey is better than sacrifice. When acting in obedience to our Lord, we’re sure to be rewarded.
    Take a look at Andrew Roebert’s blog Alive to God. For he explains a few things, which at times we’re unsure of.
    I had the privelege of meeting his father; pastor Ed Roebert, briefly, a few years before, he past to Glory. I believe much which he sowed in his sons hearts, has remained, & fallen on the fertile ground, of their young hearts.
    In His Harvest
    Ian R Lottering
    Founder/administrator/editor Fertiileground’s Blog

  2. Thank you for a wonderfully uplifting ministry pastor Andrew I also honour you for your obedience!
    Readers might not be aware of it, that the messages we read hear from pastor Andrew were PROPHESIED yes you read right Prophesied about in 1981!!. I was in the tent meeting when Pastor Jim Spillman from the Assemblies of God prophesied over pastor Andrew that God will give you a ministry in “electronics Radio that will cover the earth”. Those years we use to work with telex machines! Fax’s hasn’t been heard of yet. The first apple mackintosh 80 machines just arrived on our shores using a small TV as a monitor with colour options of either black and white or amber or green! and only little dots! . No cell phones! no internet! no laptops no table top xt and at computer’s! I was a trained electronics and communication technician at the time. I thought this prophet must be drunk there does not exist things that he is prophesying about!! I purchase a little book which pastor Spillman wrote with no intention to read it. But with only one purpose and that was to keep it to remind me of that ridiculous prophesy! Too see if his prophesies over Pastor Andrew will come true! Pastor Andrew I will give you the book on Sunday morning.
    God Bless Inus

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