God has so much more for us

new dimensionThere is much more to discover and enjoy than what we could ever have imagined.  It is as though there is a new dimension to God.  A new depth for us to constantly explore and experience.  A new magnitude to God at every point of our walk as Christians. It is for each one of us to pursue, discover and enjoy. Remember the chief purpose of man is to love God and to enjoy Him forever.
What is this new dimension? God Himself is the new dimension.  Jesus Christ is the one who we can enjoy, discover and keep on discovering.  It is the Holy Spirit who makes this all real to us.  The new dimension is that there is more of God for us to experience.
No matter what place you are at, we can go on to experience more. There is a greater extent and a greater degree to which we can go.  We will never reach the limits of God.

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  1. “We will never reach the limits of God.” Amen. Praise the LORD, our God, YHV, the Almighty, the “I Am Who I Am”!
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