God fills everything in every way

God is a mountain moving GodThere is another dimension to the sovereignty of God. He wants to come and fill everything in every way.
Ephesians 1:23 ‘the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way!’
The picture that this created in my mind has so inspired and filled me. The empty silo can be filled with grain. The empty honeycomb can be filled with honey. The empty vessel can be filled with the glory of God.  The empty cistern can once again be filled with water. The place of darkness can be filled and flooded with light.  The tank can once again be full.  He fills the oceans with water.  He fills the sky with stars. See Him filling you out of the infinite store of heaven.  He will come and fill every space that we give Him.
If you give Him the space of your life, He will come and fill it completely.  If you will give Him your family, He will come and fill them.  It speaks of overflowing abundance.   You and I were designed to be filled.  You and I were designed to be filled in every possible way.  Not just a touch, or a taste only, but filled with everything in every way.
Why would we settle for anything less? Why would you instead be filled with anger and sadness, frustration and stress? Let’s rid our lives of the garbage and let Him come in all His sovereignty and fill us completely with everything He has for us.

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