The Lord our Provider!

All I have neededThe Word of God tells us that the Lord is Jehovah-Jireh, our provider. This name, Jehovah-Jireh, was the name given by Abraham to the place where he had sacrificed a ram provided by God, instead of his son.  The meaning of this name has two dimensions:

  1. The Lord sees.  He knows exactly what you are going through.  He sees every struggle and every fear.  He is the all-seeing God and He is not ignorant of your situation and dilemma.  The Lord sees and provides for the necessities of His children.
  2. He wants to reveal Himself to you by answering your prayers and supplying your needs. His ‘seeing’ of our needs does not stop there it moves from seeing to intervening.

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  1. Amen I am truly blessed today. I have been told my unborn baby is doing fine God has truly shown himself strong in my situation. I give him all the Glory continue praying for me and this baby and for this baby to live to full term in the womb and be born healthy in due time.

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