We are a gift to one another

God's giftsWhen I was growing up my father would always tell me that life was all about relationships. I used to think that this was just an excuse for the things he could not afford to give me. But over the course of my life I have discovered that in fact life is all about relationships.
The truth of the matter is that we are gifts given by God to each other. I have discovered that every person who has ever come into my life God has used in some way or another. Yes, even the irritating ones.
Just think of the different people in your life: your father and mother, your brothers and sisters, your spouse, your friends, your colleagues and your acquaintances.  They are gifts to you with all theirs issues and challenges.
On the other hand you are a gift to those around you. Be a blessing to those around you. Be a ‘lifter’ and not a ‘leaner’.  Be an encouragement and be a help wherever you can.  The Bible says that we should be like salt and light, making a difference wherever we go.
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