The Holy Spirit comes and we can grasp Who God really is

  • holy spiritActs 2:43 ‘Everyone was filled with awe….’ (NIV)
  • Acts 2:43 ‘And fear came upon every soul…’ (KJV)

This was a reverential fear and wonder for God. It was an understanding of just how great God was and is. When the Holy Spirit comes on us, we too will have a revelation of who God is.
As a result we will not ‘play the fool’ with God.   We will take Him seriously and give Him the glory and honour that is due to Him.  Notice it says that this effect touched everyone and every soul.

Acts 2:43 ‘… many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.’ (NIV)

The outflow of the moving of the Holy Spirit is signs and wonders.  Signs and wonders are not the goal, as some people may think, but rather it was the natural outflow or result of the moving of God’s Spirit.  As we allow the Holy Spirit to be poured on us this can also be a reality in our lives.  Pursue and desire the Holy Spirit and the rest will happen by the Spirit.
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