Important steps to take toward spiritual maturity

spiritual maturityMany of us are involved in the following:

  1. We regularly meet for worship and fellowship!
  2. We regularly open ourselves to receive input from God’s Word through, listening to the Word being preached and through private Bible reading and study.
  3. We regularly pray and take opportunities to praise the Lord.
  4. We take advantage of opportunities to break bread.
  5. We take advantage of opportunities to testify and make disciples!
  6. We have taken a stand against the devil by way of spiritual warfare.
  7. We have opened ourselves to serving the Lord and others in any way possible, recognising that all are called to serve the Lord. All are in the ministry!
  8. We have sorted out our finances and are living according to God’s principles.
  9. We have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and are beginning to hear from God and flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  10. We have taken decisive steps to get your family lives in order, establishing Divine order in our homes.  Many of us have taken up the role of priest in our homes and are leading our families by example!
  11. Some have begun to take up some form of leadership within the local church.

These are all indicators of spiritual maturity!  Congratulations on the progress you have made!  So often instead of encouraging each other on the progress we have made we tend to down each other on the growth that still needs to take place!
By Pastor Ed Roebert
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