Let the burdens fall off

fresh startOne thing I have discovered is that we can’t drag the baggage of the old season into the new. Often we can’t let go and move forward and we end up so consumed with the baggage of the past while trying to accommodate it in our future. We need to start with a clean slate – if you are given a clean slate, you can start something again.
Recently I stayed at a property that had a large London Plain Tree at the one end. On one of the branches a parasite had taken over and this large parasite had taken root on this branch and the branch was laboring under the weight of this foreign, invasive plant and the very life seemed to be drained out of this majestic tree. One evening as we were walking around, we heard a strange sound. It sounded like an acorn falling on a tin roof. My daughter and I stopped and we wondered what it was, but it was silent again, so we strolled on further. We heard the sound again, and again we wondered what it could be as there was no wind and everything was still. As we walked further, suddenly this branch, with the large parasite, came crashing down from the tree. The noise we had heard was the branch breaking and the whole branch came away and the parasite was removed in one moment. Fortunately we were a safe distance away, but as this happened it was as if the Lord spoke to me and said that He wants to cause those things that have taken root, those things that have sapped the life out of us, to fall off us.
Today, let it be a day when you let those things that are holding you back drop off of you. Let your Heavenly Father come and let Him remove the burdens and the baggage. Let Him come now and remove the weight of the burdens, the weaknesses, the life-sapping foreign invasions in your life.  Let us walk free, unhindered and untethered into the freedom He has for us.
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  1. So,so very true. I have specific need of God`s help in the the removal of a parasite plaguing me.
    Namely; Nicotine

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