What is it that makes us weary of 'doing good'? (Part 1 of 3)

do goodPerhaps we wonder if we should be doing it.
We can doubt the legitimacy of what we are doing. We may ask ourselves should I be doing this and why am I doing this?  We may not have the same conviction that we started out with.  When we get to this point it is difficult not to get weary.
‘Doing good’ can be hard work.
Doing good costs.  There might be a physical cost.  It may cost you your time, your effort, your energy and your sweat and tears.  Good things require effort.  We all know that a goal worth achieving is worth working hard at. ‘A great essential to achieve anything worthwhile is hard work.’ Thomas A. Edison. Doing good can be hard work and that alone can give us reason to be weary.
‘Doing good’ can have its own challenges.
Some years ago a father and his son arrived at our church office asking for food. They told us that they had had no food for several days and that they and the rest of their family had nothing to eat. So we served them some coffee and while they enjoyed the coffee I went out to the shops and put together a food parcel to help address their needs for a few weeks. It was packed into two boxes. I met with them and gave them the food. I was amazed at their response. They both stood up and the father said the following: ‘Do you expect us to carry that?’ I then realized that they did not want food but they had hoped for money. This response was a challenge to me and brought a hardness of heart into my life so that I didn’t really want to help people because I doubted their motives.
You can ‘do good’ and get a response that you never anticipated. People may not appreciate your endeavors. You may even be criticized.  When Jesus did good and helped people, the leaders of the day were angry with Him.  That is enough to make you weary and tired.
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