God's plan for our lives

Will of GodWe all want the best for ourselves and those around us.  This is good. It is a good desire.  But sometimes we are convinced that our good ideas are what is the best thing.  Our good ideas can take us a long way.  Our good ideas can bring us success and honor.  But what is the best thing each of us.  It is to know and to follow God’s plan for our lives.  His plans are the best thing for us.  It is what we were created for.

Isaiah 30:1 ‘Woe to the obstinate children, declares the Lord, to those who carry out plans that are not mine.’

People who do their own thing can be considered obstinate.  There is arrogance, in insisting on doing what you think is best.  It is important to God that we carry out His plans.  God wants the best for each of us.  He knows what is best and desires that we follow His plans for us.  The world has conditioned us to believe that we know what is in our best interests.  And in the process we do what we want to do and we miss what God has for us.
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