Stay dependent on God

1912101_10153067138246313_1684451054834657622_nLifted hands are a sign of surrender and dependence:  ‘And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed.’
Living in a state of humble dependence on God is a key to overcoming. Living with an attitude of surrender, opens the doors to success and victory.
When we drop our guard, the enemy gets a gap and we begin to lose the war: ‘But when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.’  Sometimes we just get tired and we want to throw in the towel and drop our guard.

Exodus 17:12a Moses’ arms soon became so tired (Moses’ hands became heavy) he could no longer hold them up.

They were prepared to do whatever was required to stay in the place of dependence on God. Sometimes the battle can be drawn out.

Exodus 17:12b So his hands held steady until sunset.

It looks like the battle could have gone on most of the day and during this time they had to keep his hands up. We can all grow weary in our season of trusting God for victory.
The best of Christians can grow weary when their hearts begin to fail them, or when the power of unbelief begins to cast its shadow, or when prayers are not immediately answered, or when long delays take their toll, or when the enemy gets a foothold, or your physical body begins to fail you, or when a touch of fear begins to take root.
Regardless how long the battle takes, you and I must remain surrendered and dependent on God. That is the secret.
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