What has God said to you?

dw07september151 Samuel 3:17 ‘What is the thing that the LORD has said unto you?’
The next morning Eli is up and goes straight to Samuel and asks this question.   Eli wanted to know what God had said to Samuel. God was no longer communicating with Eli the priest and he knew that God had spoken to Samuel.  He wanted to know what the message was that Samuel received.
Often when we don’t seem to hear from the Lord for ourselves we run around looking for a word from someone else. It should be our preference to hear firsthand the whispers and the voice of our Saviour and our God. We should desire to hear directly more than we should desire to hear from others.
Sometimes we don’t hear because we have not done or responded to the last thing He said to us.  Perhaps we are hoping for a different or easier message?   My question to you is ‘What has God said to you?’  Is there something that you felt He told you to do or to stop doing?  Is there something that has been left undone?
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