What does it mean to be thankful?

11891091_10153152432106313_4533614168102514203_nThankfulness is a very vital aspect in our lives.  It is an important thing that we are thankful people towards God.  How thankful have you been lately?  I believe that we are expected to be thankful people.  Thankfulness or a thankful heart is characteristic of a true Christian.  Usually if someone is not thankful, they end up being ungrateful and often develop a lifestyle of grumbling.  God is looking for thankful people.
To be thankful is to be consciously aware of the ways in which God has been good to you.  This conscious awareness of God’s goodness, love and kindness to us needs to become a standard in our lives.  To be thankful means that we are grateful and appreciative. We appreciate what God has done for us. Our hearts need to be filled with gratitude.  This is the lifestyle that we need to develop.
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