Life lessons from windsurfing

Be-FlexibleAs a teenager I used to windsurf. I grew to love the sport and learned some valuable skills. At the same time I learnt many life lessons.
I learnt that if you do not adjust your sails you will not have much joy. You have to constantly adjust your sails to take best advantage of the prevailing winds within your ability and strength.There were times when I felt stronger than the wind and inevitably I would be thrown off.
Sometimes in life we are like this. We constantly want to challenge the prevailing circumstances. Then we wonder why we are being thrown around. The skill is in the ability to adjust our sails effectively. To be able to realize which things we can handle and those things we cannot.
When I would windsurf I would often teach others how to do it. The first thing that a novice would do was to adjust his/her sail perpendicular to the wind. The sail would suddenly fill up with air and whip the person into the water. They would always respond and say with shock: ‘what did I do wrong?’ In our desire to be flexible we need to learn to adjust our sails. In the process we can take on enough to facilitate progress but not so much that we land ourselves in trouble.
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