All believers are eligible for crown

06 Elders Casting Crowns
Charles Spurgeon said that this is possible:
a. By the grace of God.
b. By inheritance. It is kings that wear crowns.
c. By right of marriage as the bride of Christ.
d. By the right of conquest and victory.
e. By nobility of character – the reward of righteousness.
f. A gift from God.
‘There is a throne in heaven that no one can occupy but you! And there is a crown in heaven that no other head can wear but yours! And there is a part in the eternal song that no voice can ever compass but yours! And there is a glory to God that would be missing if you did not come to render it! And there is a part of infinite majesty and glory that would never be reflected unless you should be there to reflect it! Therefore comfort one another with this, that before long you shall be there! Because the grace of God has elected you, you have a hereditary right through the new birth. You have a marriage right by reason of union with Christ. You have rights of conquest as a warrior. You shall have the rights of character, for your character will be perfect before long. And you have the rights of possession, for God has given you all that which goes with the crown.’ Charles Spurgeon
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