A crown is a powerful symbol

06 Elders Casting CrownsA crown is the traditional symbol, usually worn by a monarch. The crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honour, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness and resurrection.
It is only on highly significant occasions that, in England, the crown is brought out from the Tower of London and placed on the head on the incumbent.  A crown distinguishes one person from another.  Modern day crowns find their origin in Biblical tradition.  Crowns are made from the most precious materials available.
The crown represents authority as it is passed from the giver to the recipient.  The climax of every coronation is the crowning. It is that moment when the recognition and authority is set in place for all to see.  Can you imagine that God wants to do this for us in front of the heavenly hosts and all the saints that have gone on before…
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2 thoughts on “A crown is a powerful symbol

  1. Your posts really encourage me as i read them, they have become a source of my strength when i feel weak. may GOD Mightly bless you as i await to receive my blessings of twins. lets always unite in prayer.

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