May the Lord keep you and be real to you

12042856_10153210701121313_2672634598643878677_nI pray that the Lord will keep you.  This word keep is a strange word with a significant meaning. To ‘keep’ means to watch over, preserve and guard.
It even goes further than this. To ‘keep’ also means to watch over, defend and to keep us from harm.  It also means to take care of or to tend, like someone would tend a well-loved garden.  It even means to support, to undergird and uphold.  I pray that the Lord will BLESS you and KEEP you!
I also pray that the Lord will be real to you. I have often spoken about the fact that God wants to be a living reality in our lives. I firmly believe that this is how God intended us to live.
I once watched a documentary about the moon. In this documentary they explained that there were two sides to the moon. The side that we can see and the ‘dark side of the moon’ that we cannot see. The side that we can see is the side that catches the light of the sun and shines down on us in the form of moonlight.
My prayer is that God’s face will not be hidden from you. I pray that you will know the face of God and not just His hand. What is more I pray that God’s face will shine on you, just as the moon shines it’s silvery light on us. May God be a living reality to you!
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