Worry and fear

We live in a world dominated by worry and fear. We are living in a time in the world in which we are constantly given reason to entertain worry and fear in our lives.  We are excessively exposed to news and developing events in a way in which previous generations could not have dreamt.
If we are not alert, worry and fear can get a foothold in our lives and penetrate our hearts.  As children of God we are not supposed to live like this.  In the verses before Matthew 6:33, Jesus encourages the people not to fear and worry and today His message is still the same to you and I.
This worry and fear has the power and potential to undermine our faith. It can erode the very foundation of our hope and confidence, if we let it.  It is uncalled-for, it is undesirable, it is unproductive, it is out of character for a child of God and it should not be tolerated in our lives. We are called to a different realm and we are called to trust God with abandon.
So if we are going to see God’s kingdom come in our lives, our situation or our country we need to deal with this aspect and recognize that God reigns and He has the final say in all matters that concern us.
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