The rich fabric of life

Joy in the Journey 2
I recently read a story about a family who had been farmers for generations. They loved their farm and worked it faithfully and productively. Then due to reasons beyond their control they were dispossessed of their land. It was a traumatic and devastating hurdle in the journey of their lives. When they were interviewed by a journalist about what had happened, they were asked if they were bitter and angry and they owner said no, he was not, but it was part of the ‘rich fabric of life’.
Often the experiences we go through can be seen as tragic or devastating, or we can see the experiences along life’s journey as part of the rich fabric of life.  It calls for a different attitude.  If we have this attitude we can handle things with a better understanding and come out the other side without being destroyed.
Have you ever looked at a tapestry?  If you look at the finished product it is something beautiful.  But if you zoom in on a small section it looks like a mess, confusing and illogical. But as you step back, everything begins to fall into place and the picture emerges.
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