Your ultimate destination is secure

Joy in the Journey 2
If we know our ultimate destination is secure, we can rest in God regarding the journey.  A friend shared this illustration with me:
You arrive at the airport to book a flight, the person assisting you tells you that they have two options available to you.

  1. The plane doesn’t look as good, the inflight entertainment leaves a lot to be desired, the flight might be a bit bumpy but they can guarantee arrival at your destination.
  2. The plane looks fantastic, they fly higher than most, superb meals and inflight entertainment, quiet and smooth but they can’t guarantee that you’ll arrive at your destination.

Which flight will you take?
You and I have chosen the flight in which the final destination is secure.  The journey may not always be ideal, but the destination is secure and therefore anything we may face is manageable and ‘overcomer-able’ because the destination is secure.
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