Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary deeds

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You and I are destined, as sons and daughters of God, to know the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The Holy Spirit makes all the difference.  With the Holy Spirit, ordinary people are enabled to accomplish extraordinary deeds.  For each one of us as believers it means a glorious new life in the Spirit is an on-going possibility in our lives.
I found the following illustration by Rev. Richard Fairchild:

The story is told of a man called Yates who, during the depression, owned a sheep ranch in Texas.  He did not have enough money to continue paying on the mortgage – in fact he was forced like many others to live on government subsidies.

Each day as he tended his sheep he worried about how he was going to pay his bills.  Sometime later a seismographic crew arrived on his land and said that their might be oil on his land and could they test drill. After a lease was signed they went ahead.

At 1115 feet a huge oil reserve was struck – subsequent wells revealed even more oil than the first well revealed.  Mr Yates owned it all. He had the oil and mineral rights. He had been living on relief – yet he was a millionaire.   Think of it – he owned all that oil with its tremendous potential, yet for many years he did not realize it.

How often are we like Mr. Yates? Considering ourselves poor and helpless all the while unaware of the extraordinary power that we have available to us – that which is lying just below the surface in our minds and our hearts.

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