The danger of looking too far ahead

The Red Sea can only be parted when you get there. The Israelites could not expect the Red Sea to be parted while they were still in Egypt. The future may not be as easy as was hoped. After all, the Promised Land was occupied and in order to possess the land there were some major challenges and battles.
There is a lady who works at my place of work. For all her life she has lived in a small, self-constructed, wood and iron house. Recently the government built her, as part of the government’s reconstruction campaign, a complete brick and mortar house. But even after it was completed she did not move in. She was so concerned about getting curtains and cleaning the windows and packing her goods that she, in the process, continued living in her wood and iron home, when, just a few meters away stood her new home. She was waiting for the Red Sea to part (all problems solved) before moving.
You cannot see everything that lies ahead, you cannot prepare for every contingency that may be ahead. Don’t let that stop you from moving into the future and don’t let that stop you from possessing what God has for you!
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0 thoughts on “The danger of looking too far ahead

  1. That’s a good news Amen!!

    I am invited for an interview to take place this coming Wednesday. It is exactly 17 years in the same position. I will never surrender not matter what, nothing will stop me from moving into the future.

    Please pray for me to face this challenge.

  2. Thank you Lord for this powerful message, Lord I repent that I have looked too far ahead, looking on things that I can not do anything about, concentrating on fears of the one who occupied my promised land instead of focusing on Him whom He got me out of slavery and promised me the land with honey and milk, I almost lost what God has prepared for me. From now on I take a decision of leaning on Him, looking upon Him who brought me out of the pit of hell. May God bless you. I accept Jesus, I welcome Him to be my Leader and Savior until I reach the promised land.
    I give my whole life to Him, trusting that He will transform my life completely.
    Thank you guyz

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