The Church is God's chosen vehicle

DW21JUN16The church has and always will be the chosen vehicle of our Saviour.  That is how He planned it from the start and nothing has changed His plan over the centuries.  We may consider it a flawed and problematic choice, but it remains His choice.  He chose the church as His divine vehicle for His body to function within.
The Church has stood the test of time and still stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration to many despite the passage of time.   No better mechanism has ever been successful, although many have tried.   You may feel that this is not the best tool that the Lord could have chosen, but that does not change the facts.
You may look at the church and see its flaws and weaknesses and its failures over time, but that does not change things.   You may have even been hurt or disappointed by the church and as a result think that you are better without it.  The truth is that we are never better without God’s plan and purpose for our lives and that includes involvement with and in His church.  You may think you know better, but we can never know better than the Creator.
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