Allowing the Holy Spirit

Never underestimate the greatness of this difference. It can lead to nominal Christianity or it can lead to radical fervent Christianity.  I have always desired to be on fire for God.  Many throughout history have desired this. Few have discovered it.  The key is pursuing the Holy Spirit.  What is the difference between allowing the Holy Spirit and pursuing the Holy Spirit?
To understand this we need to have a definition.  The dictionary indicates what the word “allow” means.  To allow means to permit.  This is how some well-meaning Christians live.  They allow the Holy Spirit or permit Him to work in their lives or churches.  It is almost a form of tolerance.  Making allowances for the Holy Spirit.  The definition goes on to define the word allow with the phrase:
“Give periodically” – some Christians live like this as they give the Holy Spirit periodic opportunity, at their discretion.  In this way the Holy Spirit is accommodated in people’s lives, together with all the other aspects of life.  Pursuing the Holy Spirit is totally different.
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