God's Plan is Always the Best

We all have many plans. We all have our own dreams and hopes. We want to be a success and do our best. What we plan for ourselves can never compare to what God has planned for us. What plan are you following for yourself? The plans that you have for those around you, whose plan is it. Often times we are sure we know what is the best thing to do but Some times we are not sure what is the best thing to do. Whatever the situation, God’s plans are still the best thing for our lives.
This is the main area where a problem can be experienced. Often times we are convinced that our good ideas are God ideas. This may be the case and it may not be the case at all. Some people have endeavored to follow God’s plans and yet often slip back into good ideas. God wants the best for each of us. He has a blueprint for each of our lives. For you and for me. Our lives can be full of good ideas, when our lives should be filled with God ideas.
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0 thoughts on “God's Plan is Always the Best

  1. Hi there
    I’d love to know who wrote this as it just doesn’t sound like it was from Pastor Andrew Roebert. It was quite different from his norm? And he always adds a scripture in as well as it pertains to God’s word. Don’t get me wrong..God ideas are of course the best. I was only wondering if I was correct in my assumption that it was written by someone else.

    1. Hi Nicky, yes this was written by Pastor Andrew many years ago. Perhaps it seems odd because it is only part of a sermon and not a sermon in itself. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Ok cool.. Thanks for getting back to me. I know it must have seemed a silly question 😝

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