Testimony received 06/06/2012
Hi Pastor Andrew,
I just want to say thank u for the daily devotions. It is such a blessing.  I have very prayerfully started forwarding them to some of my unsaved family.
By the grace of God, so far, one has come to salvation. We’ve had a prayer meeting in their home on Tuesday evening. He will begin discipleship classes next week.  What really stood out for me is the fact that if the father in the home comes to salvation, the whole atmosphere in the home changes.  I stand in awe of the Lord for His timing and ways are perfect.
I am trusting God for a miracle that thru His word, in the form of your devotions, hearts of stone will become hearts of flesh. 
May God richly bless your ministry in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Jah, despite my hardships, thank you for always being there for me. Thank you JAH, words cannot even express how much you have done for me
    in my life, thank you for the continuous blessings.
    Thank you Pastor Andrew, Jah Bless you always and your family.
    Thank you JAH!
    Miss Marianne Mandui

  2. Thank you Pastor for all your encouragement and prayer , your faithfulness in the Lord during difficult times has indeed strengthened and blessed me,I now preach and teach at church as well and besides God I owe much to you and your late wife for all the words of encouragement and motivation when I was at my lowest ,
    All glory and honor belongs to God
    Every blessing for the new year to you and your family   

  3. Hi Dephney what an amazing testimonies, I were unable to stop reading until I have finished the 20th incident on the last page 17. I believe I was suppose to read this testimony. God works in miracle ways and He made sure that this testimony found me. Thank you so much for beings obedient and share this with us. this mend a lot to me. May God keep using you for His Kingdom and my prayers are with you. Would love to hear more about your incidents. Greetings Magda Meyer.

  4. The Lord is so good to me and my family he came thru for me and my child like never before he reconcile a father and his son he showed me who he really is. God is a promise keeper his a way maker he gives light where there is darkness. i faced a battle of a father that lost his love for his child that doesn’t wanted anything to do with the child for almost 2 years. just like that God shows up and show off I want to thank God for his Grace and his Mercy and his endless Love towards us for never leave us nor forsake us
    A big thank u to ALIVE TO GOD and they prayer warriors for keeping us in their prayers for strongly believing in God’s word and for daily motivation it’s my hearts prayer that God will open the gates of heaven and shower them with a double portion of blessings that God may enlarge they territory AMEN .

  5. I would like to thank you for the great work that you are doing for the Kingdom of God and I Bless the name of the Lord God Almighty for using you in the mighty way and May He continue to use you to win His souls and bless your ministry. And thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share my testimony in this blog. Glory be unto God.
    I Dephney Seoke received my calling last year in 2017. I was just a normal Christian having a day to day job which I was enjoying very much. I fell out of love with my job, the material things and the love of money when Jesus Christ took me to Heaven to show me real riches in His store house. I can testify that we are extremely rich in Heaven and Jesus Christ told me that we don’t have here on earth because we don’t ask when I asked Him of my current financial status.
    Below are the incidents that took place between Jesus Christ, His Angels, the Devil and I.
    The first Incident: The First Heavenly Visit
    One night when I was sleeping I dreamt of 2 men who took me to a place that was filled with a dazzling light, the light was very bright, the ground and the roofing were covered with light, it looked like it was cloudy or there was a fog and I couldn’t see our shadows. The walls were transparent because I looked for the sky and the sun and the ground like we have on earth but there was none, all I could see was the light that was very scary, the light was sunniest, whitest, vibrant, and purest, then I was gripped by a terrible fear and Daniel 7:15 says “I was confused My spirit trembled, I Daniel was affrighted at these things, and the visions of my head troubled me”.
    The place that I was taken to was misty inside as if there were clouds and was surrounded by lights. The 2 men approached me to notify me that it was time for me to meet with the 2 owners of the place. I only remember pleading with him to take me away from that place, to take me back home, and then they took me back home. I didn’t know where I was, until in December 2014 which was after +- 20 years of the vision. Now I know that the place that the 2 men took me was Heaven and that it was filled with the glory of God. Glory be unto God Amen. It was filled with the dazzling light of the Lord’s presence.
    I can’t remember the exact date because when I woke up in the morning, I prayed asking God to protect me from the people who took me to that scariest place, because I thought I was in hell and asked Him to save my life and to remove the memory of that place in my mind. I felt like I was abnormal because I was always thinking of that place, I was traumatised. It took me years for the memory to disappear from my mind, and I eventually forgot about it. This incident happened when I was still a youth. Isaiah 18:4 says “For this is what the LORD told me: “I will remain quiet and watch in my dwelling place like dazzling heat in sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.”
    The second incident: The torment by the devil
    One night in December 2004 when my cousin sister, Vukosi and I were about to sleep around 8 pm; I saw a crocodile flying entering in to our bedroom window and stayed on top of me. It made it difficult for me to breath and luckily, my cousin sister noticed that I was struggling to breath and she woke me up. Then I asked if she saw a crocodile that was on top of me and that she should check for the scratches that the crocodile left on both of my arms because I was in pain. She saw the scratches and convinced herself that I was scratched by my new born baby Vukosi as she did not see the crocodile. She believed me after seeing that the evil animal was feeding it’s self with my blood every night and leaving scratches on my arms. My colleagues at work told me that they knew what was happening with me and that I could get help from their churches, but I told them that I was a Christian and could only go to a Pentecostal or charismatic church, my cousin and I looked for the church in Pretoria Central and found one, and then we started attending church. The evil animal continued to torment me and stopped eventually after moving in to another flat. It stopped scratching me but continued to torment me by leaving green marks on my body. All I did was to stand and look up to God to save me, somehow I knew that God was seeing what was happening to me and I just held on to Him to save me and it was a hardest task but my focus was on God Almighty. Ephesians 6: 13 say “wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand.” Psalm 121:1-2 say” I look to the mountains; where will my help come from? My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth”. The devil knows that we get discouraged easily and start looking for answers at the wrong places instead of engaging in prayer and fasting , attending church during the week and on Sundays and praying with our families in our houses. God want us to draw closer to Him always.
    The Third incident: The enemies ganging up to kill me
    In 2015, I dreamt of a mob of people wanting to kill me, and then emailed my pastor asking her to pray with me. I saw many people in that dream who were standing at the back and front of my house and they were very angry telling me to come outside so that they can kill me and they were also accusing me of something. I saw my fiancé and I sliding down from our bedroom sliding door until we reached the yard just near the garage, then we walked to our neighbours drive way and they started accusing me while I was quite and then 2 men that looked like my younger brothers came and said no, you cannot touch her and they negotiated with them on my behalf and they let us go back to our bedroom to sleep. This dream happened twice the same way, and again the second time, 2 men that looked like my younger brothers came and one of them said I paid the ransom for her you cannot kill her, then they let us go after that. I then emailed my pastor and asked her to pray for me when it happened for the second time and if she could tell me the meaning of the dream. She told me and prayed with me. Psalm 94:21 says “They gang up against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death”.
    The Forth incident: My first vision of Jesus Christ
    I went to sleep early one night in June 2015 and while I was asleep, my son’s friend came into my room asking if Vukosi can go and spend the night in his house with him. I would see Jesus coming to my yard whenever I close my eyes and just before He enters by the gate, this child would wake me up. I would see Jesus coming to me and He was in hurry as if He wanted to tell me something, but whenever He was about to enter by the gate, this child would wake up asking if Vukosi can go and spend the night at His house. This incident occurs three (3) times. My nephew ended up being angry about the whole incident because it was revealed to him that the child wanted to harm my son, and my son and nephew took the child home at 12 O clock midnight and the Holy Spirit revealed to me later that the kid’s parents were involved in occult and that they were going to leave Brooklands before the end of the year and they left Brooklands before the end of the year in 2015. Philippians 1:28 says “Don’t be intimidated or fearful or show fear to your enemies. (Your strength) will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God Himself.” Jesus Christ Himself was coming to save me and my child. He is a good father.
    The Fifth incident: An encounter with the Holy Spirit and the glory of God
    I woke up one Saturday in 2017 and started praising God in the living room could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and I fell down and became numb all of the sudden, I was unable move my body, not even to walk and was heavy. My kids and nephew tried to carry me so I could sit on the sofa, but they were unable to carry me as I was very Heavy, I would see darkness whenever I closed my eyes, and my youngest daughter started crying for me saying that I must stand up, she even switched off the tv channel one gospel so I could stop praising, and it was like she was sensing that something was happening to me, my nephew told my kids not to worry as God was dealing with me. And God was indeed dealing with me, and it was God’s glory upon me that was making me Heavy, God’s weight was on top of me. God was taking me to ankle deep Ezekiel 47:3. Who am I that the highest King (Jesus Christ) would welcome me and forgive my sins? I was rotten with sins, but He forgave me for all of my sins and I’m a new creature, I am born again and no longer living a double life. I thank Him, give Him all the glory and give Him all the praise. The Kavod of God was upon me. Kavod is the weighty, heavy glory of God. Haggai 2:9 says” The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, ‘says the LORD of hosts.” 1st Corinthians 3:16 say “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”
    The Sixth incident: My first dream from God about Rapture
    Acts 2: 16 – 18: say “No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: 17 In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.18 Even on My servants, both men and women, I will pour out My Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.
    One night when I was sleeping this year around March (2017), I dreamt of my fiancé and I sitting on the road in Tembisa. My fiancé was sitting and I was lying down next to him. I then saw a hail falling from the sky and told my fiancé to look at the hail that was white when falling from the sky and changing in to the remains from the demolished house( a rubble) when hitting the ground. As we were surprised by the hail; we then saw a very beautiful mansion which was golden brown in colour covered with the gold or brown clouds. It was extremely pretty. When we were still surprised by the beautiful mansion, a staircase fell from the entrance of the house to where we were sitting and it was very long because the house was on the sky. And my fiancé screamed and said Dephney it’s rapture, it’s rapture, we then stood up and jumped the beautiful staircase and ran to the farm house nearby. Each day we are getting closer and closer to rapture, and I’m telling you that the rapture is near! You need to examine yourself, your life, and ask yourself, “am I ready to go with the Lord?” I’ve mentioned my dream at the cell meeting and they prayed for me.
    The Seventh incident: My second vision of Jesus Christ
    My son Vukosi and I woke up at 2am and started praying, I sat on a sofa in my bedroom after praying thinking of what we prayed for, then Jesus appeared and started talking to me on 6th of April 2017 around 3am and 4am in the morning, He was not happy with the way I was leaving and was very angry and He was not smiling at all and said I’m not happy with the way you are leaving and you are going to hell. He was explaining the meaning of the dream of the beautiful mansion and Hail. I then told Him that but I pray, give at church when I have money, and love people even those who hurt me and that I forgive them, but He said I was going to hell and He said it three times, it was as if I was in a court standing in front of a judge and Jesus gave me a chance to defend myself and He continued to say that some of the people that I pray with at work were devil worshippers and that they were in the kingdom of darkness, He told me their names and said that I must go and tell them that He loves them and will forgive them if they repent. And that I must repent from my sins too and that He is willing to forgive all of us. I obeyed and did as He said in the morning service at work and read from Psalm 55. we all prayed and repented, I then became scared that I delivered the message from God to those people and some of them were devil worshippers and in the kingdom of darkness, then the Holy Spirit told me to have a communion by using bread and tea because that was all I had and had an awesome day after. As usual mentioned my dream at cell group and to my pastors and told them that I had received the spirit that can differentiate between the spirits and one lady at the cell meeting said that it was the spirit of discernment. One of my colleagues stated that she had a restless night on the 6th because of my vison and the other stated that God was angry with us and said that He mentioned Jeremiah 7 to her prayer partner.
    The Eighth incident: My encounter with the Holy Spirit about being called into Ministry.
    I started having thoughts about buying a plot in order to build town houses in 2017 and rent them out and use the money to finance my ministry in case I have one. And then I said to God, God I feel like you are calling me into the ministry, please do not do it now as I want to build town houses so I could use the money for the ministry. And that I didn’t want to be making noise in the church begging people to give. My aim was to finance the ministry myself but God had other plans. I even told my kids that I wanted to buy a plot after building our house in Copperleaf and build town houses and rent them out. This was what I wanted to do, but God had other plans for me just like His word says in Jeremiah 29: 11. I wanted to buy an X5 and H1, I loved good life and fine things and God told me that if I chase after the money the way I do, it will end up being a curse in my life meaning that I will keep on chasing after money, and will never want to stop or be satisfied no matter how rich I become. Hebrews 13:5 say ” Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”
    The Nineth incident: The Second Heavenly Visit
    I had another vision on the 16th of June 2017 from 2:30 am till 5 am in which Jesus Christ came to fetch me to Heaven, He was very happy when we met this time around and took me to Heaven. The gate in Heaven was extremely beautiful and breathe taking. I saw the streets of Gold, beautiful mansions of different sizes, Heaven is a perfect place. Mere words cannot even describe how beautiful Heaven is and earth cannot be compared to Heaven at all. Matthew 16:28 say ” And I tell you the truth, some standing here right now will not die before they see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom.”
    This time I knew very well that I was in Heaven and I was enjoying every moment of the journey. We went into the throne room and sat on His throne and I was sited with Him dressed in robe that looked like a king’s robe, the robe had different colours. I was treated like royalty; Jesus Christ is a king reigning here on earth and in Heaven. I saw the angels busy coming in and out, like bringing prayers and Him replying and shoo, it was hectic. There are too much writings in the books in Heaven. Jesus Christ told me so many things and the things that He was telling me are in the Bible and He knows the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Jesus Christ is love and He loves all of us here on earth and we are all equal in Him, no one is better than the other person to Him. He loves us the same way. He loves us more than we love ourselves. There are no classes like higher or upper class, middle class or lower class. We are humans to him and he loves us all. He knows us better than we know ourselves, there is nothing that He doesn’t know about us even the things that we think they are our secrets. He knows them all.
    John 14:1-3
    1 “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me.
    2 In My Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
    3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”
    Revelation 21:5, 7:
    5 “And He that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And He said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
    7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son.”
    Jesus Christ and the angels are very busy working in Heaven and so many things were happening and He was telling me that I must go to a church that I used to attend and still attend when at home to testify about the time when I was taken to Heaven in a vision, mentioning all of my visions and dreams and that I must not leave anything and also to tell them to repent and be reconciled back with Him. I told Him that that I wanted to go the following weekend because my car had a mechanical problem and that I would have received my salary. He said that I must go and deliver the message on the weekend of the 16th of June with a gentle voice. I asked Him nicely that I wanted to stay with Him forever in Heaven and that I didn’t want to come back to earth because He gave me the love that was the purest, compassionate, tenderness, His love is unexplainable and cannot be compared to anything, not even to billions and billions of money on earth and He also treated me like I was His friend and then asked Him not leave me here on earth and the next thing I saw myself standing on the tiles in my bedroom looking very small starring up in Heaven and complaining that they brought me back and immediately a voice of Jesus reminded me that I was given a task to do here on earth. I then contacted my mom and told her my vision. She did not believe me initially but I assured her that Jesus Christ truly came to me in a vision and she believed me , then came to fetch us and I first went to see her pastor to ask for the permission to give my testimony and he allowed me, then gave my testimony on the 18th of June 2017.
    When in Heaven, Jesus showed me a store house and it was glittering and had all of the riches that we need here on earth like gold and silver, it had all of the resources that we need here on earth, it has everything. I can testify that Christians are the richest people on earth but we do not ask for these riches from God and most of us Christians are lacking. We should be able to finance the churches, the poor and help each other with ease but it’s not the case. And then I said Jesus, why I am lacking on earth when you have everything that I need including the wants. He said to me, you don’t have because you don’t ask. When I was in Heaven I understood what He meant by the answer He gave me, but started thinking of it when on earth and He referred me to the book of James 4:2 ” You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God.” You know Jesus Christ knows the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He told us that we must ask and it will be given to us in Matthew 7:7.
    Jesus wants us to ask anything from Him because He has everything, He is very rich and there is no rich person here on earth that can be compared to Jesus. When we ask from Him, He looks at our intentions, our hearts, and our thoughts. And He knows when we are only asking for our selfish reasons; So He doesn’t give to us because we are selfish. He wants us to also give to the poor, the church and the needy. He wants us to help one another, to be His Stuarts here on earth and to ensure of others wellbeing. He wants to entrust us with His wealth so we can be a blessings to others. He told me another vision that He is not pleased with the way we are giving at church, and to those in need. He wants us to put others first, i.e. I mustn’t be happy if I’m feasting while my neighbour is hungry. I must stretch out my hand and help. John the Baptist said in Luke 3:11 John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.”
    The Tenth incident: The Message to my mom and dad
    Jesus Christ then came to me in a dream in the morning of the 24th of June 2017 and said that I must tell my mom and dad to repent. He first showed me what my dad’s sins was in a dream in a big screen, it was like a video was being played for me and said that I must tell him to stop what he was doing and repent. My mom came to visit me on Sunday of the 25th of June to check on me since well I was suffering from cold and flu and I told her, and then she said that she will tell my dad. And I emailed my dad on Monday the 26th of June telling him that he must repent. And I also gave my testimony to my cousin sister Albertina.
    Jesus Christ took me to a dam in this vision and showed me people who had hidden their evil things in the dam like snakes and other things. I saw so many people riding boats and the dam had lights. People were using boats in the middle of the night to go and meet with this evil beings and then Jesus said to me, go tell them to throw it away and turn from their evil/ wickedness and I will forgive them. We watched as different people were riding their boats in the dam but they didn’t see us. Psalm 52:1 say “Why do you boast, great one, of your evil? God’s faithfulness is eternal.”
    This people don’t know what awaits them in hell if they don’t repent. God is calling for all of us to repent and be reconciled back with Him.
    The Eleventh incident: The encounter with the messenger of the devil
    I had another dream during the week and cannot remember the exact date, and it was the week that started on Monday the 26th of June 2017, I saw my family and I attending a funeral at my late grandmother’s house, and she was the one whom we were attending the funeral for. Her grave was dug on the road near the gate. My cousins sisters and I were playing on the other stand when my mom called us to come so we can attend another funeral, we then ran to her but my late cousin and I were unable to run as if something was dragging our feet backward and finally chocked us, and made us to stand still. We looked at the gate and saw a pink cloth hanging , all of a sudden, the pink cloth turned into a short man who was coming to us, the short man then threw a chain that it’s used by sangoma’s to me and I told him that I chose Jesus twice, then left him.
    The devil wanted to enter into an evil covenant with me. A covenant is an accepted decision between two parties. It could be more than two. It can be described as an agreement between two or more people to establish a relationship in which promises, responsibility and punishment for breaking the covenant are made. Covenant is legally binding. It is irreversible. It is the final irrevocable commitment. It is like a chain binding two people together. The covenant made the two to have one thing in common that keep them together.
    I went to fetch my family so they could see the chain but did not find a short man and a chain then I woke up. I grew up being told and believing that Sangomas are called to heal, and through them it is believed that ancestors from the spirit world can give instruction and advice to heal illness, social disharmony and spiritual difficulties. Traditional healers work in a sacred healing hut or indumba, where they believe their ancestors reside. This dream was God’s way of showing me that sangomas are initiated and taught to heal and foretells by demons and the people who have sold their souls to the devil. Though it was symbolic, most of my dreams are symbolic and my visions are clear. Exodus 34:12-16 say” 12 Take heed to yourself, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land where you are going, lest it be a snare in your midst. 13 But you shall destroy their altars, break their sacred pillars, and cut down their wooden images 14 (for you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God), 15 lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they play the harlot with their gods and make sacrifice to their gods, and one of them invites you and you eat of his sacrifice, 16 and you take of his daughters for your sons, and his daughters play the harlot with their gods and make your sons play the harlot with their gods.
    Isaiah 28:14-15 say “14 therefore hear the word of the LORD, O scoffers, who rule this people in Jerusalem. 15 Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement, when the overwhelming whip passes through it will not come to us, for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter”;
    The Twelfth incident: The message to my colleagues and manager
    I had another vision on at between 4am and 5am on Monday the 10th of July 2017 and Jesus told me to go and tell my colleagues about my visions for Heaven and that Heaven was real and that they must repent and be reconciled back with Him. It was not an easy task because my colleagues already knew that I had a calling and they were calling me a pastor. The reason why they started calling me a pastor was because of a visitor who came to our department and told them that out of all the Christians who were on our teams photo, I was the only true Christians. Unfortunately I was not available when he mentioned this. I just heard them saying, Dephney truly, your works shows that you are a real Christian, and said that it meant I was a pastor. I mentioned this at a cell group as a testimony. Since well telling my colleagues was not an easy task, I asked Pastor Conny, pastor Moris and Sister Yogie to pray for me and they did. I then told those who came early before our 9:00 meeting and asked for a permission from my manager to deliver God’s message but he said that he cannot give me a platform to deliver the message because we were at the workplace. He also mentioned things like what will happen if a Muslim; a Hindu or sangoma ask to be given a platform to convey their messages as well. He said that it must be at an individual level and outside Liberty’s premises.
    By God’s miracle the message spread the same day to the entire team member and to others who were not in my team. Glory be to God. Jesus Christ was mentioning the scripture in Ephesians 6: 5 – 9 that say “Slaves, obey your human masters with fear and trembling; and do it with a sincere heart, as though you were serving Christ. 6 Do this not only when they are watching you, because you want to gain their approval; but with all your heart do what God wants, as slaves of Christ. 7 Do your work as slaves cheerfully, as though you served the Lord, and not merely human beings. 8 Remember that the Lord will reward each of us, whether slave or free, for the good work we do.9 Masters, behave in the same way toward your slaves and stop using threats. Remember that you and your slaves belong to the same Master in heaven, who judges everyone by the same standard.
    The Thirteenth incident: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Jesus Christ
    Then there was a designer who was busy designing my daughter’s matric dress in Kagiso and my daughter wanted to go and stay there while the dress was being made. I agreed and asked my mom to come and fetch us on Tuesday of the 11th of July 2017 which she did. My mom complained on the first night that I was praying and reading the Bible for long and that I was not getting enough sleep. She also knew that I have been fasting every day from June 2017 and continued to fast when in her house and she was very worried about me. I told her that she was not supposed to worry and that it was my life style to fast, pray and read my Bible. She then joined me in fasting on Wednesday of the 12th of July and prayed with me in the afternoon, again complained that I pray too much and not getting enough sleep. I fasted alone on Thursday and she couldn’t fast because of the journey that she had, but we prayed together in the afternoon after work. When I was in taxi coming back from work, I started missing the visitation from Jesus, and I asked Him if I was doing something that was blocking Him from visiting me in a vision and told Him that I was missing Him. Then when arriving at home I prayed with my mom, and then I saw a dazzling light and then knew that it was the dazzling light from Jesus, and I told my mom that Jesus Christ heard our prayers. And we praised Him.
    Then fasted again on Friday the 14th of July, prayed in the afternoon and in the evening with the whole family but did not pray at night or early hours of the morning as usual, I slept the whole night. My mom was very happy that I was able to sleep. I woke up at 5am on Saturday the 15th of July and switched on one Gospel channel and started praising and praying, my mom was awake as well preparing to go for a morning prayer at her church. As usual she was awake when I woke up at 5am; it was like she was watching my sleeping habit. After she left at 6am, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I started praying in tongues, I tried to pray in English, but couldn’t and did what the Holy Spirit was telling me to do, like to pray in each room and break the evil spirits and was prophesying and also delivered my nephew from the demons. My dad and everyone in the house were surprised by what was happening. My mom came back and they told her that I was possessed and she started praying for me while I was praying in tongues and I asked her not to disturb the Holy Spirit. I stopped praying at 10:00 and had my breakfast. I tried to explain to them that I was praying in tongues but they complained saying why my tongues were different from the other tongues they are used to. My dad said that I was praying in Portuguese and my nephew said that I was praying in shona and the Nigerian language. Acts 2:1 – 4 says “When the day of Pentecost came, all the believers were gathered together in one place. 2 Suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 Then they saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out and touched each person there. 4 They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak.”
    My family thought that I had gone mad.
    I took a taxi to church on Sunday the 16th of July 2017, and met my ex colleague Jeffrey Walters and who was my reference on my CV in 2009. Jeffrey and my ex-colleague Ria used to say I was going to go to Heaven walking because of the way I was leaving a Godly life at work and that my life was of a real Christian when working with them in 2009. They saw something that I did not see in me. We both arrived at 9:30 for the 10:30 service and met at the passage and I gave Him my testimony. When going back home in a taxi after church, one brother who was also coming from church as well started saying that I was hurting him, and that he tried to move away from me but I was continuing to hurt him, how I didn’t know. I apologised and the people that were sitting with us at the back seat apologised on my behalf as well. The Spirit of God inside me didn’t want an unclean spirit near me because the brother was gay.
    The Fourteenth incident: My calling/Commission
    I woke up and prepare to go to work on the 17th of July 2017 at 4am. And just after when I was about to leave for work at 5am, Jesus Christ came and the next thing we were at church and it was during offering, Jesus Christ was watching everyone as they were giving their offering and He said that He was not pleased with the way we were giving at church. For example, some will have a surplus of 10 000, but only give 500 and spare the other amount, some would have 5 cars and only used 3 and the other 2 cars will be may be used may be once in a month, He said that the other 2 cars must be given to those who are in need. And He said go and tell the church that I’m not pleased with the way they are giving, tell them that the church and everyone in the church and the offering belongs to me. And that we must not give what is lame to the Lord. He said tell them to give in a way that is pleasing to me. Then I said yes Lord I will tell them on Sunday.
    Then I left for work and took a taxi from Kagiso to Johannesburg and was busy testifying to those who were sitting with me in a taxi. And when the taxi was approaching Johannesburg, Jesus Christ came to me and said get your debts paid up, complete building you house at Copperleaf and then go to the ends of the world beginning in South Africa telling everyone to repent and be reconciled back with me. I said yes Lord. The idea of reconciliation acknowledges the fact that there is a separation between two or more parties and God has declared that our sins have separated us from Him. Isaiah 59:1 – 2 “1 Don’t think that the Lord is too weak to save you or too deaf to hear your call for help! 2 It is because of your sins that he doesn’t hear you. It is your sins that separate you from God when you try to worship him.”
    2nd Corinthians 5:18-19 say “All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.”
    Romans 5:10 say “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life.”
    On my arrival at work, I started telling my colleagues about my encounter with the Holy Spirit and was praying in tongues all the time, and God was telling to leave my work and that I must go home. I couldn’t concentrate on my job and my manager called me so he could understand what was happening with me and I told Him. He then cancelled me as he was a Christian and told me that I must go to talk to my pastors at church so they can give me counselling. I then called the church office and managed to book an appointment with one of the councillor’s, and after he heard my testimony, he confirmed that I was called but must not my work yet.
    I woke up the following day and went to work; again I was speaking in tongues and was praying even during meetings, I was not concentrating at my work and one of my colleague said that that he can see that I needed to pray and suggested that I take a day off so I could pray , he also said that it is clear to him that Jesus Christ is more powerful than the devil and that I must ask Jesus why He is allowing the devil to use them when He’s got so much power. I then left my work place and went to my church to speak to the pastors, one pastor was allocated to me and I gave him my testimony and then he said that I was called but mustn’t rush to leave my job. I could feel that Jesus wanted me to leave and start immediately. So I went back home.
    I didn’t go to work on the 19th of July and woke up and pray, and was praying in tongues always, the Jesus said that I must tell my nephew not to eat and that I must go in to the room with as He wanted to baptise him with Holy Spirit, He continued to say the he wants to put the spirit that was in Aaron the brother of Moses, He said that my nephew was going to be very powerful and that he will be working with me and he will also interpret tongues. And told my nephew what Jesus said but everyone at home were against me saying that I started being mad since Saturday and that I needed help, so my nephew did not do as he was commanded. And around 10 oclock Jesus Christ said that He is giving a job and the job that he was giving me was too costly. He then said that my nephew and I must go in to the room and pray because He wanted to show us the person who was going to finance our ministry. And he said that I mustn’t worry if my nephew refuses, as he was going to give me another partner to work with.
    He said that I must go and pray so He can show me the this person and as I was about to open the door of the room in order to pray, my mom walked in and she said that you are still praying even now, I’m taking you to the prophet, come lets because you’ve gone mad and I said no mom I’m not mad, is just that the Heavens are opened for me to join the angels in worship and I was liaising with angel Gabriel. And mom went and called the prophet and interrupted me from praying as per the Lord’s command. She told me to keep quite as I was making noise when praying. And she called my dad and younger brothers telling them that I wanted to leave my job that I had gone mad. So they said that they wanted me to consult the doctor so he can check my mind if I’m indeed not mad. They all took me to hospital and told the doctors that they must check me because according to them I had gone mad. I found a lady who was having a stomach cancer and was with her family. I prayed for her and she felt the love and the touch from Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ Himself used me to touch this lady s He could heal her and she was extremely happy.
    Just as I was about for the next patient, the nurses said that I was indeed sick because I was praying for the sick in hospital and they told me that it was not allowed at the emergency room and called the doctor for me. The doctor said that he didn’t know how to help me and referred me to psychiatrist and was admitted in hospital. I spent the night at Krugersdorp hospital and was moved to a psychiatric hospital the following day. Everybody including the doctors was saying that I had gone mad.
    They transferred me to the hospital on the 20th of July 2017 and in the morning just after finishing taking the bath. Jesus Christ told me that I must go to Sid Roth and don’t I see that He is doing what God has told him to do. He said that no one in South Africa was going to help me. I stayed +- 3 weeks in hospital but I didn’t help because I was still the same even after the treatment I was given.
    Jesus Christ started giving me messages for different for families and individuals depending on what they had requested to God and the Holy Spirit would go and confirm my message to them after giving them their messages. He made me His messenger here on earth.
    The Fifteenth incident: A call to pray for my pastor
    I went to church on Sunday the 3rd of September 2017 and had missed my pastor and just loved seeing him, I was at our Pretoria branch and was very excited to see my pastor, then Jesus said lay your hands on him and pray for him. Jesus Christ wanted to put more power on my pastor, I then told one of the pastors at the branch what Jesus was telling me, she said how as we were in Pretoria and he was in Randburg, I thought she was going to say let’s drive to the main church but she said that he was far. Then I prayed for him as I was watching him on the screen but it was not what Jesus wanted me to do. The presence of God was felt even though I was praying from far, there’s no distance in the glory of God.
    1st Timothy 2: 1 – 3 ” First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men, 2 for kings and all those in authority, so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior.”
    The Fifteenth incident: A vision of Angels Singing at my workplace
    I had another dream on the 3rd of September 2017 while taking a nap in the afternoon in which I was at work in the dream and when I was about to enter the office, I saw many people at the other entrance of Liberty’s building singing, I then went and joined them and they were singing in sotho saying thepang Jesu fela, le rapele, thepang, thepang, thepang Jesu fela, le rapele. Meaning trust in Jesus only and pray. They were wearing white tops and red skirts or trousers; we kneeled down a prayed after singing. I’ve never seen anyone sing like them before; they were singing with their whole hearts, with love and in spirit and the Heaven were opened for them as they were singing directly to Heaven. It was beautiful, nothing I have ever experienced here on earth. Our church can praise and God loves it when our church praises, but when the angels praises, they praise directly to God. They only pay attention to God and they don’t allow any distractions to distract them during praise and worship. It’s my wish that the church of God can praise God just like the way the angels praises Him but unfortunately we allow distractions to hinder our intimacy with God.
    Job 38:7 say ” 7 while the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”
    Luke 2:13 – 14 say ” 13 suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, 14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”
    The Sixteenth incident: A vision of Cleaning up my house
    I had a vision on the 21st of October in 2017 in which Jesus Christ was telling me to clean up my house. My parents wanted me to move to Kagiso because they wanted to take care of me. Jesus told me that I must not move in with my parents and made a way for me not to move in with my parents. So I rented out my house in Centurion and moved to Pretoria CBD. Jesus told me to start using a train so I could preach and testify which I did. And met some pastors in the train who started praying with me but God was not pleased with them and my children.
    So he showed me a vision at 2am and in this vision He was telling me to clean up my house, which meant that my kids, I and my prayer partners needed to repent and be in a state in which Jesus Christ can baptized them with the Holy Spirit and empower them for His work. I also saw 2 angels of God who were busy painting my house with a white paint while other were busy dressing me with the priestly robe that was mustard or Gold or yellow in color and were getting me ready to lead the church. I was then filled with the Holy Spirit and was in a mega church ministering and was filled with the Holy Spirit and power and was preaching with so much authority.
    1 Peter 2: 1 – 10 says “2 Rid yourselves, then, of all evil; no more lying or hypocrisy or jealousy or insulting language. 2 Be like newborn babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow up and be saved. 3 As the scripture says, “You have found out for yourselves how kind the Lord is.” 4 Come to the Lord, the living stone rejected by people as worthless but chosen by God as valuable. 5 Come as living stones, and let yourselves be used in building the spiritual temple, where you will serve as holy priests to offer spiritual and acceptable sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ. 6 For the scripture says, “I chose a valuable stone, which I am placing as the cornerstone in Zion; and whoever believes in him will never be disappointed.” 7 This stone is of great value for you that believe; but for those who do not believe: “The stone which the builders rejected as worthless turned out to be the most important of all.” 8 And another scripture says, “This is the stone that will make people stumble, the rock that will make them fall.” They stumbled because they did not believe in the word; such was God’s will for them. 9 But you are the chosen race, the King’s priests, the holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into his own marvelous light. 10 At one time you were not God’s people, but now you are his people; at one time you did not know God’s mercy, but now you have received his mercy.
    And then Jesus came and said I have chosen your son Vukosi and has sat him apart for myself, and I agreed that He can have him. He also took me church and it was like the pastors were having a pastor’s conference, we stood at a distance and He started saying that the pastors are not performing miracles because they are not seeking God the way they should and that they are not baptized with the Holy Spirit. He then said go and tell them to seek me because I want to baptized them with the Holy Spirit so they could stat performing miracles and be filled with the power of God.
    Jesus Christ came to my 12 years old son Vukosi in a vision and took him to Heaven and to Hell on the 23rd of October 2017 and my son has continuous visions and most of them are prophesies.
    The Sixteenth incident: A vision of Jesus Christ
    I used to complain to Jesus telling Him that whenever I’m with Him I can see how He looks like but forget how He looks like later. He then came to me in a vision on the 1st of January 2018 and showed me His pictures.
    He first appeared to me in a full body, and then showed me His face in the clouds and He also appeared holding a sheep and a staff sitting down wearing a white dress with a gold belt. It’s like He was saying happy New Year to me.
    There more I have this visons and walk in the presence of God, the more the devil and his agents attack me and my children and the attack is brutal. But God and His angels are fighting for me.
    John 14:21 says “21 Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. My Father will love those who love me; I too will love them and reveal myself to them.”
    Galatians 15 – 16 says “But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by His grace, was pleased 16 to reveal His Son in me so that I might preach Him among the Gentiles, I did not rush to consult with flesh and blood.”
    The Seventeenth incident: Another dream of Rapture
    I had a dream on the 28 of February 2018 in which I was in the multitudes of people and it looked like it was time for Jesus Christ take people to Heaven. So many people were waiting to be raptured. The only person who was taken to Heaven was my cousin sister Albertina, I saw a light on her and she was taken to Heaven. So many people remained and I also remained, and then started complaining why I was not taken to Heaven. There was a light that was appearing to the ones to be taken to the clouds.
    I then saw my late cousin Godfrey and it looked like there was no hope for him to be saved, then after spending time with him, the light came on me and was taken to Heaven.
    1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 says “16 There will be the shout of command, the archangel’s voice, the sound of God’s trumpet, and the Lord himself will come down from heaven. Those who have died believing in Christ will rise to life first; 17 then we who are living at that time will be gathered up along with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will always be with the Lord.”
    The Eighteenth incident: Dreaming of a Spiritual world
    I had a dream in which I saw my dad or God leading me showing different things that people are doing when we are sleeping at night. These people both young and old were in the spiritual world walking on the streets and were walking in groups. I also saw people that I knew and their teeth were like the ones of a Dracula.
    It was like they had stolen something from me and we were going to fetch it, Initially we were walking side by side and when passing the people I would think that they were going to touch me and I would walk behind the my dad or God because He was walking without fear. It seemed as if this people were in a spirit form but were just passing them without colliding with them. And we went to the house and took what we took back what they had stolen. There’s a spiritual world out there in which those who are in the kingdom of darkness goes when we are sleeping.
    Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].
    The nineteenth incident: Taken to the meeting held by Satan and demons in hell
    I had a vision in May 2018 in which Jesus Christ took me to Hell and showed me a meeting which the devil was having with his angels (demons), I saw their agenda. The devil was discussing his plans to send his demons to South Africa, and their main target was Tembisa. The demons were sent to come and cause more evil in our country. And Jesus told me to write it down and to warn all of the South Africans about the plan of the devil.
    Revelation 1:18 “18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”
    The Twentieth Incident: My visit to a Milky Way
    I got out of my body as if I was taking off an overall suite that I was wearing, and then started flying in May 2018. I can testify that our earthly bodies are like our overall suites and the real us are inside this suite which we call our bodies. And our earthly bodies are the once that dies and not us, because we continue to live even after death, either in Heaven or hell depending on who was you master here on earth. I was able to look down and see the planet earth. Then I passed right next to the moon, this glorious moon that brightens the night sky on the earth. Then, I was able to see the giant sun with my own eyes; I was able to see the flames that explode from the sun and warm the earth. Then I continued on and I saw many stars as I passed by them, I then saw a Milky Way and a black hole. As I was about to enter the black hole; Jesus Christ came flying wearing a white garment, He pulled me and took me back home to my bed without saying a word to me.
    When I woke up in the morning, I told one person who is in the kingdom of darkness and he said, yes what happened last night was a real. The devil wanted to kill you because you are disturbing him here on earth. I thank Jesus for coming to save me at the right time.
    Jesus Christ came to me in the early hours of the morning and He was on tears, I started crying as well because when He cries, He will be in agony for our souls. He then said Dephney, pray for the people that are going to loose their lives in South Africa, pray for their souls and I told Him yes Lord. It was as if many people were going to die this year and their souls were going to hell. It’s like He also wanted me to live my job and start doing what He called me to do. I felt the burden to live my job and asked my church to give me junior pastor or evangelist position but they had no job for me and I continued going to work. I asked Jesus what I needed to do and He said look at how the wild flowers grow, they don’t work. He was quoting Luke 12:27 which says “Look how wild flowers grow: they don’t wok or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all His wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers”. As Christians lets continue to pray for one another especially for the lost souls, meaning for those who have not made up their minds to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Let’s pray for Jerusalem as well.
    If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviors or if you don’t know where you will be going when you die. Please pray the prayer of repentance below:
    Bible verses: Psalm 51 and Romans 10:9-10
    Be merciful to me, O God because of your constant love, because of your great mercy wipe away all my sins, wash away all my evil and make me clean from my sin. Lord Jesus I thank you for your love and mercy. Thank you Lord for the word that has reached my heart today. Wash me with Your precious blood, write my name in the book of life. Accept me as Your child Lord right now. I forgive anyone that I had not been able to forgive. I renounce to my lack of forgiveness. I renounce all things that have hindered your flow in me and ask You to transform and fill me with Your presence every day. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. Thank you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for forgiving my sins and for dying for us on the cross. Amen.

  6. Peter is my name.
    January 2018: for 15 days I fasted for the first time, and completed the course. Did what was suppose to be when one fasting…
    June 2018: God took me from a position where I was nearly fired and gave me job that I always wanted. I Prayed hard for this job and God answered my Prayers.
    Nov 2018: God answered my Prayers again, and gave me a car, and not just a car, the one that I always wanted, the one I love with all my heart( Touran), a family car.
    I am still Praying, \and keeping the faith for God to provide more…in abubdance
    The God that we Pray is a GOOD GOD, try HIM…..brothers and sisters you shall see wonders.
    As we speak, my last born was diagnosed with FALSE SEIZURES, lets Pray for this young man, he is only 3.
    Thank you CHURCH OF GOD.

  7. Good Evening Pastor, it gives me great joy and honour to say thank you for the daily word that i receive- i work at a call centre and due to me sending the daily word throughout the call centre this has touched the lives of many, all I can say is that God is working through you and I pray He continues to allow you to send forth His word through every corner of the earth. Stay Blessed

  8. Noel Ramaite
    Thought for 16 October 2018
    Hi Noel
    Here is your word for today:
    Verse: Psalm 23:5
    ‘You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.’
    – The Lord has wonderful and good things planned for you.
    – You may have had enemies, but He will bring you to a place of peace.
    – He will come and anoint your life with His favour and blessing.
    – You will have reason to rejoice and your cup will overflow.
    PRAYER: Lord, You are the one who can come and prepare a table for me even when the situation seems most unlikely. I ask You to do this miracle for me and may my life be filled with Your joy. Amen.
    Have a blessed Tuesday.
    Kind Regards
    Pastor Andrew Roebert
    Good day
    I am so grateful for this word for today .I was meditating and praying with this verse this morning and anointed my head with oil as I was praying this verse when I left my house for work.
    What an awesome God we serve and I believe God is about to do something big and miraculous in my life..
    To God be the glory

  9. Dear Andrew
    I just want to share how special your daily inspirations have been to me lately.
    I have this special thing where whenever I am in a difficult situation I get these scripts, that I like to call my secret “love letters from God”
    Previously when my husband and I went through a very difficult time in our marriage, I got your motivations that said “who am I to not forgive the mistakes of a man, if God has a greater plan for that man”, and I chose to forgive and forget and we moved on more than a year later now and even just happier than ever before.
    Now I was about to resign from my company to start my own business in supporting small companies to submit tenders and align them with big opportunities, and I was very hesitant, but the whole week the messages was so directly speaking to me, that God will sustain me till the end, I must find my peace in the Lord, and today was the cherry on top, and this will be my Company vision forward and a slogan to my new company email since I did have the opportunity to resign.
    Verse: Ephesians 4:32
    ‘Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.’
    Thank you for always being there for others even though you go through tough times in your own life also.
    Your inspirations means more to me than you’ll ever imagine.

  10. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for the inspirational thought you shared on Friday.
    I was as sick as the proverbial old dog but after fervent prayer from my daughter and with a good dose of antibiotics from my doctor, I was blessed to be able to join the Happening celebration weekend with the rest of our team.
    The weekend was enveloped in Joy, Love, Renewal, Healing and personal touches of the Holy Spirit. My special blessing was being able to staff with all three my children. My younger son leading worship, the older one a team leader for one of the groups and my daughter in the boiler room of the Prayer team.   
    May your week be filled to overflowing with God’s love and Joy.

  11. Hi Andrew
    Hope this email finds you well.
    Once again thank you for sending this word for today.
    Just to let you know that we (me and my hubby) are doing outreach to the homeless people sleeping on the streets.
    Every Tuesday night by bringing the word of God to them and then pray for them after we hand them something to eat. All the glory to God for protecting us as we are going into places that is very dark but never ever were we scared to enter these areas as we know He is always with us.
    Just want to say these thoughts that you are sharing with us every day is so much inspired and that I use them every week when we go out, and can you believe it, it is like every time we go out to share this word with them that it was meant to be. …..How good is our God…these people is on the streets and is so down to earth and always seeking for God and to talk about him.
    Just felt like saying thank you once again and may God bless you.
    Friendly Regards
    Magda Meyer

  12. Dear Pastor Andrew and Team,
    I have a testimony, thank you for praying. God is so good.
    I got my car on Tuesday, a beautiful 320i BMW which only has 57K a 2008 model, well looked after. I paid R80K for it. The previous owner went into a retirement village and his son traded it in for a new BMW. The Lord really exceeded my expectations.
    Thank you Pastor Andrew and Team. The prayer of the righteous avails much.
    May God continue to use you for the extension of His Kingdom.
    God bless you
    Joan Sallie

  13. Dear Pastor Andrew
    On 19.9.2018 I asked to pray for my son for work
    On 19.9.2018 the one company phoned him and said they will make use of him in March 2019 and later another company phoned him
    He is starting to work there 1.10.2018
    Thank you for all your prayers
    We serve an awesome God

  14. I thank God for saving me on 8 September 2011 I am now alive because of His arm, He pulled me out of death so I will keep on praising Him in the mighty name of our king Jesus Christ , Amen.
    I thank God for saving me from death on 9 september 2018 whereby three tobacco cases fell down behind me once I passed them just a little distance. This is the second time after 7year I involved in an accident in 2011 where cartons fell direct on me in the warehouse, I thank God for his mercy on me.

  15. Dear Pastor Andrew,
    It is so refreshing to read how God has worked in the lives of those who trusted, waited and received due to your daily devotions. Thank yous o much Rusty

  16. Dear Andrew, Vanessa and the Church Intersecors,
    I have been requesting prayers with Alive to God, but today I just want to say Thank you for your prayers, the prayer I have requested has been answered by God. May God bless you all, and please keep on praying with us, you’ll never know the difference we felt when we know that someone there is praying with us.

  17. Dear Pastor Andrew
    I just want to take a moment and give thanks to the Almighty by sending us wonderful angels like you. God is good at all times he knows what is best for all of us. Pastor Andrew and your team you have been a pillar of my strength through your prayers in my time of need. You prayed for me each everyday when i went for an interview during the different phases and finally got the position. This is a greatest gift for the new year. I am so blessed and highly favoured. This is my year of deliverance and favour.
    Thank you so much i wouldnt have made it this far without prayers from my wonderful brothers and sisters. Please continue doing good deeds of the Lord through your ministry Pastor Andrew. I really i am blessed through your daily devotion.

  18. Good day Pastor
    Thank you very much for being part of my, my family and friends’ lives. I am happy to hear everything is going well for you and your family and trust that both Caitlin and Amy is going to prosper in the exams.
    I am continuously experiencing God’s Grace, Love and Mercy. He’s blessed me with a wonderful husband and helper in many areas in my life. We were joined in matrimony on the 2nd of November. I strongly believe that God chose him for me and me for him, not for our will but for His. I’ve experienced difficulty which I never really understood but the day I handed my cares and burdens over to our Lord my life made a 360′ turn and He changed everything. The struggles ain’t over but it’s never been easier since the day I realized I couldn’t do it on my own. Without God I am nothing. With His love, grace and mercy I have all I need. My husband knows who my first Love is and he is happy for me. I am happy because God sent me a man I can pray with in the morning and who is going to church with me. I love knowing God is smiling down at us, happy with His work. Thank You Jesus!!!
    Happiness and peace to you all during this festive season and may His Light always shine through you.
    God bless you, Vanessa, Caitlin, Amy and the rest of your family and friends.
    Lots of love.
    Chrisstelle Thompson
    “We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us.”

  19. Dear Pastor Andrew,
    All I can say is WOW reading through all those testimonies, How great is God answering those prayers you so lovingly interceded for. And indeed those daily little news is a blessing, without fail I also pass them on to one lady friend in particular, She loves them. Some I cannot email them to, best way to send one which I believe will help in a situation someone finds themselves in is to rewrite it to send via whatsapp. Hope that is OK with you. May God bless you and your wife for always being there and always returning mail. so nice to have someone out there one can talk too and not being judged for it. . BIG HUG Rusty

  20. Good evening Pastor, I was accused of rape, which I never did something like that, I give GOD all the glory to show us once again, that our GOD is faithful and never let us down. I also thank you and the intercessors for always praying for me.
    Today, almost 10 mnths later, GOD showed human that he is the greatest and my charges was withdrawn.
    Glory to God, thank you Jesus, AMEN.
    Herschel Summers

  21. Time 06:45 Date 4 Aug 2017 !!
    Today God protected me from something in a really big way.
    It was one of those situations where something bad still happened but God showed up and allowed the damage to go no further. I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus. Left my house after putting on God’s Armor as usual this morning BUT this time was different I was warned but did not listen thus God turned what could have been a devastating accident into an unfortunate inconvenience.
    God knew the timing of today would come into play and I’m laying here telling you that though my car was hit by a double decker bus we all walked away untouched. God guided me to stop in time from something worse Coming, That was Prayer in Action, God once again stepped right into my everyday life saying. “bad things might happen, but I tell them to go no further.” God stands between us and death every second of every day. He fights what we can’t see. The Holy Spirit sees and hears and shields and strengthens us even when we aren’t looking and when we don’t notice.
    I serve a living, loving God an promise herewith to keep walking in faith , prayer but at same promise to LISTEN to his word and not my will!!

  22. Good Day Pastor
    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Pastor I would like to give thanks to God and to the prayer warriors. A few months back I sent a prayer request regarding my bond application and my not so good financial position which was affecting my application.
    It is with great pleasure and I am grateful to advise that my application was approved and the flat has been registered in my name.
    I praise God and thank Him for allowing great people to be in our lives and support us with prayers whenever we are overwhelmed by situations which sometimes are beyond our control.
    Thank you very much and God bless you all!
    Abigail Nkosi

  23. Good Day to Everybody –
    Hello all the Blessed and Highly Favoured of the Lord –
    Time to share this photo of little Buckey – he says “hi”. On Sunday past July 30th, he was 3 months old. He is just developing so beautifully and lovely. I believe he will be as I call him, The Beloved of the Lord, as he is growing and growing. I do believe in my heart that this precious child will be so blessed of the Lord. I look at him and I am so grateful for all the prayers that we so much needed when unfortunate unforeseen circumstances arose, yet by the Grace and Love of our Heavenly Father, He placed His hand of Grace upon Buckey and brought him through. What an awesome God serve. So do enjoy this picture of him which his mother sent through yesterday.
    Today’s Scripture reading is extremely precious to me, The Lord always provides for me whenever I am in need of an item in the house. I am so glad that I have Jesus Christ in my life, at times His love is so overwhelming it feels to me that in a strange and wonderful way I feel as though I am absorbed by some supernatural force, that is the wonderful love of God that fills my heart to the brim. I pray that many more people will have the same experience as words fail me to explain the power of His love that washes over me. Praise the name of the Lord through all eternities of eternities.
    Go well with the blessings of the Lord and His divine protection always.
    Love and appreciate you so much with the love of the Lord, Kind regards, Elize.
    I Kings 17:14
    ‘This is what the Lord says: ‘The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land.’
    – The Lord can provide in wonderful ways even during the difficult seasons of life.
    – You may be facing many challenges, but in all that, He is able to provide.
    – He can do miracles in front of your very eyes and multiply the little you have.
    – Give Him what you have in your hands and He will surely multiply it.
    PRAYER: Lord, thank You that You are interested in every detail of my life. I place my life and those things I have in my hands into Your hands. You are the miracle-working God and You will do wonderful things for me. Amen.

  24. Hi Andrew and Vanessa,
    I would like to thank the Lord for using you guys and your ministry to touch and bless many. I would like to share a brief testimony.
    Last year in the month of October 2016 I received my Alive to God magazine and as I was reading through it, I came across a prayer for those who were trusting God for a child. I remembered my friend Norah and I read the prayer out loud on her behalf.
    Norah had been trying to get a baby for like a decade with no luck. November 2016 less than a months time Norah confirmed to us that she was pregnant however she was very scared. She had all these anxious thoughts which were robbing her of her peace.
    I wrote an email to Andrew and Vanessa and shared with them the good and news of conception and requested for prayers for Norah to carry her baby to term. They shared the request with the prayer team who stood in the gap for her.
    Yesterday the 24th of July 2017 my friend Norah gave birth to a baby girl. I really thank God for His blessings toward my friend Norah.
    I am truly grateful for the prayer team that stood by my friend and for the Alive to God ministry.
    Thank you very much
    Arnolda Mondi

  25. Dear Pastor Andrew
    God hears all our prayers and he answers them all.
    I would just like to give testimony on my situation. For the past 2 years I’ve had an enlarged liver. I’ve been for blood test after blood test as my liver wasn’t functioning like it should be. I’ve been for ultra sound scans to check the size of my liver. Been for gastroscopies and more blood tests. Last month I sent you a email asking you to pray for me as I was going in for liver biopsy. When I went in on the 12/6/2017 the specialist came to see me and reviewed my file and all my test results. He requested more blood tests as that’s the procedure before doing a biopsy. The next morning when he came to see me and get the results he said that he didn’t feel the need for the biopsy as my liver function results had come down. He ordered a few more blood tests and today I had to go back for those results and a check-up. Good news is that the specialist says my results have normalized which he is happy about but that my liver is still slightly enlarged but not too bad. He says I only have to have a check-up in a year’s time which consists of a ultra sound on my liver and liver functions test done. GOD is good and does things in His time not ours.

  26. Dear Pastor Andrew and Vanessa
    Thank you so much for such a powerful message this morning. We were faced with the power of the evil one at work with one of our unions threatening a mass action but on Sunday together with my Deputy, a local Pastor and two ladies of prayer gathered and prayed against the evil one. The Lord heard our prayer and they were confused and the mass action was cancelled with immediate effect!!!
    Oh the Lord is great and He love us so much.
    Thank you also to you and your intercessors who on a daily basis are blessing us with the Lord’s message and pray on our behalf in every area of our lives.
    May He who died for us be with you all the time!!
    Thokozile Ndlovu

  27. My dream was always to run the Comrades Marathon. In November 2015 me and my husband decided that we want to do Two Oceans and Comrades in 2016. We started trainging and in March 2016 we both completed our first Two Oceans. After that i suffered from ITB injury in my right leg after Oceans and trainging for my comrades was slow. Needless to say my husband finished his comrades in 2016 and I suffered with my left knee (yes got a injury because of the down run) since a few km’s into the race. I was cut off at the second last cut off by a few seconds. i was devasted but still happy for my husband.
    We have entered for the Comrades 2017 again and training for me went slow because of the knee. I have asked Andrew and the team for prayers a few times. On sunday 4 June 2017 when the tears were streaming down my face while listening to Chariots of Fire at the start of comrades I had a calmness over me and I was beliefing that I would finish. it was so real that I was almost scared that it is only arrogance from my side. Any way the entire race I had NO pain in my left knee, from 60+ km’s the legs was sore but that was purely muscle fatigue. All the glory to God who helped me, who send angels to help me!! i have completed Comrades 2017 in 11:41.
    Unfortunately my husband picked up an achilles injury and he couldn’t run further than 40 km and had to stop. He is very dissappointed and depressed about it – please pray for him.

  28. Good morning to Everybody –
    Dear Pastor Andrew and Vanessa,
    I have received “beautiful” photos from my daughter Louise this morning. I would love to share them with the Team. This is The Beloved of the Lord for whom all the prayers were requested. The pregnancy was fine, the birth normal and then Baby Vanzyl stopped breathing! He was rushed to the Sunward Park Clinic in Boksburg, and the Medical Team was so wonderful, they worked through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we just prayed and also asked friends to pray. We are so grateful unto the Lord for His hand of grace upon this precious little baby. He is looking so lovely and peaceful alas there was great concern for him at the time. He is going “home” with the parents this afternoon, the Medical’s have done all the necessary tests and they are more than happy with the results, he has been given a 100% clearance, hence he will be able to go home with his Mom and Dad and just be so blessed with much love and tender care. We are so grateful for this miracle and how God was so gracious unto us, He was the only Person whom we could run to, He was in control all the way.
    Thank you for standing in the gap and lifting our arms in prayer. I appreciate your love so much toward us. You are fulfilling the command of our Lord when He stated that we must pray for one another, it is so important. Thank you again and I know you will enjoy the photos. God bless you all richly as well as the Ministry. May we all grow in the grace of the Lord.
    Kind regards always,
    Elize and family.

  29. Hi Pastor Andrew and the whole congregation.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers when I was desperately looking for employment. I would like to let you know that today marks my 6 month on the job and I am very happy, you have done so much for me and I believe God is great. May you continue to inspire more people, GOD BLESS!!

  30. Awhile ago I requested prayer for my son Ryan. He was going through a very difficult time both personally and work related. He could not find a job but PRAISE GOD he has been given a job 3 months ago and last week he received news of a new role with a promotion within the same Group of Companies. All this has enabled him to provide soup (which he makes) for a soup kitchen on Sunday mornings feeding the homeless. He has started going to church something which I have been praying for, for a long time. We serve an almighty God.
    God Bless all those who pray daily for blessings for others.

  31. Dear Andrew and Vanessa
    Last week I asked for prayer for a job for my daughter and we heard yesterday that she starts today.
    I just want to say thank you and to God for the prayers sent up and answered.
    I am not very good when it comes to fasting in fact I am a dismal failure but I really felt the Lord lay it on my heart to fast not only for Abigail and another friend of ours who is having work problems, but also to fast for Vanessa.
    By God’s grace I made it through the day and I trust that whatever need Vanessa has God will also come through for her as He did for Abigail.
    I must say that after my first fast ever at the age of 52 I feel encouraged to try it again on behalf of others. I truly felt blessed and encouraged to be used in this small way.
    May God continue to bless you both and your children and ministry.
    Kindest regards

  32. Hi Pastor Andrew Roebert
    Thank you for sending me the message regarding to read 1 Samuel 16:13.
    My wife has been moved to a different location (away from the person who has given her a hard time). God Is Good. All Glory to Him.

  33. Good Morning Pastor Andrew,
    I just have to share this testimony. It has always been my dream to become a teacher, ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a teacher. Today at the age of 45 the Lord opened the way with a word out of the book of Corinthians “I have opened a door for you, not without adversities “. I got a bursary. I want to encourage someone out there. Please do not give up, persevere. God will come through for you. God is a mighty God, He is alive and God answers your prayer. Believe, trust for God keeps His promise.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony.

  34. Halloo Pastor Andrew
    I’m AFrikaans speaking and it is sometimes difficult For me Coen to say in English what is on my hart..
    But I try my best Pastor as long as you may understand me..
    I was this Past Weekend on A MensCamp..
    We were 160 Men and all the Men who was there receive Jesus and the Holy Spirit and place every burden by the Cross OF Jesus …
    Pastor I saw hard men Cry beFore God..
    Me and my Friend came Sunday AFternoon back..Brand New Men For Jesus..
    I AM A New Person in Jesus…Praise God..
    From Coen
    From Sasolburg

  35. Dear Pastor Andrew, Vanessa and all the Intercessors,
    I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you all for your prayers during this time that I was faced with. This case started in October 2016, and it has taken 6 months, yesterday was the judgement day.
    The Magistrate found out that there is no case, no evidence brought to the court that shows that I have harassed and intimidated the applicant, even the warrant of arrest was uplifted. Andrew and Vanessa I would like to let you know that I have started to subscribe to your ministry from 2004, and each time I request a prayer from your ministry, my prayer is answered.
    I am so relieved, because God has shown that the truth will set a person free, that’s what happened to me yesterday, during all the process I have been telling the truth. I thank you for the word that we receive on a daily basis, it builds up our spiritual muscles and makes our spiritual journey meaningful to us.
    May God bless you all and know that you touched our lives in different ways.

  36. Dear Pastor Andrew & Vanessa
    I would like to thank God for appointment as Kenya Facilitator to Intercessors Prayer Ministry Brooklyn New York. and for the great things he is doing through intercessors around the world.
    To GOD be the glory
    Pastor Israel Peter Kegode
    IPMI, Forging Partnership with Movement Day Global Cities in Support of World Evangelism and
    Spiritual Transformation of Nations
    Dear MGPT Facilitator
    I would like to take this opportunity to announce a partnership that IPMI recently forged with Dr. Mac Pier and the New York City Leadership Center to help facilitate monthly prayer support for Movement Day Global Cities through the Monthly Global Prayer Teleconference (MGPT). According to the New York City Leadership Center, “Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC) aims to accelerate a gospel movement amongst cities, focusing on influencing committed leaders to make vibrant changes in their regions. In pursuit of this mission, “like-minded individuals are gathered and challenged to find solutions to “stubborn facts” plaguing their city — facts such as crime, poverty, spiritual apathy, struggling educational systems, unemployment and more.”
    As most of you are aware, IPMI collaborated with the New York City Leadership Center to host the October 24, 2016 Global Leadership Prayer Gathering in support of the Movement Day Global Cities 2016.
    Approximately 3000 leaders from 95 nations attended the October 25 –
    27 Congress following this historic Gathering at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Approximately 1500 leaders participated in the Prayer Gathering.
    This partnership with Dr. Mac Pier and the New York City, in essence, seeks to build on what was accomplished through this historic Movement Day prayer gathering, by providing vital prayer support to this unique Gospel initiative, which is facilitating spiritual changes in a number of major cities around the world. While providing critical prayer support to the Movement, we expect that the partnership will also facilitate the continued growth and development of the MGPT. One of IPMI’s goals through the MGPT over the next 5 years is to mobilize over 3000 participants in united prayer monthly for revival in the global church in support of the evangelization and spiritual transformation of nations.
    Currently, IPMI hosts the MGPT three times per month, on first Thursday, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM; and the following Friday, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM and Saturday, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM. These powerful sessions of prayer are facilitated through collaboration with our dear friend, Esther Ilnisky, Founder and President of the Esther Network International, and a group of wonderful leaders, including pastors from across the United States, the United Kingdom, Africa, India, Jamaica and Belize in South America.
    I would also like to take this opportunity, as well, to welcome to the group our newest facilitator, Peter Kegode. Peter is from Nairobi, Kenya, and will be joining the MGPT Saturday session. He is currently engaged in a significant ministry effort involving South Sudan, including a national prayer initiative to facilitate spiritual change in South Sudan.. Peter is also an intercessor with years of experience and serves as a member of the African House of Prayer led by Emeka Nwampka of Nigeria. Emeka ministered here at an IPMI Global Prayer Summit several years ago.
    We look forward to your participation with us for the next MGPT, scheduled for next Thursday, March 2 – Saturday, March 4.

  37. Good afternoon Pastor Andrew
    Just letting you know that our faithful GOD has blest My brother in law Fabian with employment. He starts his new job on Friday. Praise GOD. He is always faithful and just. Thank you for your prayers.
    May GOD Bless you,your family and your ministry abundantly. “do not tell GOD how big your storm is, but tell your storm how big your GOD is.”

  38. Sometime last year I have asked Pastor Andrew to pray for me for an interview I had for a work promotion that I got. But that was not all that I got, I got so much more!
    I not only got the team leader position but also got to go to Germany and China a company car and by December I was almost not going on the long planned holiday but by the grace of GOD we had a great family holiday in the Transkei.
    Don’t get me wrong I am not bragging but I am great full for my cup runs over I asked for one thing and GOD blessed me in abundance.
    And with that I want to thank all of you also for praying ( there is much power in prayer and so much more when more than one prays to GOD)
    Thank you for all the messages, sometimes they are for me and sometimes they are for some one that I know.
    Thank you and GOD bless you.

  39. Good morning saints
    A word of thanks to you for interceding on my behalf.
    God has come through. We found a carer and both my dad and she’s very happy. There is a great improvement in my dads rehab, since she started. I trust and pray this will be long term.
    Thank you for continued prayer and daily words of encouragement.

  40. Thank for the word Pastor Leaving the presence of Now its important also for our Health and body
    I dont if i told i got a new job last year November at Yonder Media,
    I like say say thank you very much for your prayers you did last year, God is good last November week on Monday i got a baby girl and on friday same week i got New Job
    Thank You so much Pastor i wish i can visit you one day

  41. Hi Pastor Andrew & Vanessa, thank you so much for your daily readings. Somehow God always has something He highlights, either for myself or someone else. I am always blessed by this wonderful ministry. On Christmas Day God blessed us with another little angel – our 10th grandchild, Ariella Themba, a Hebrew/Xhosa name meaning Lioness of God, & Hope. We give Him all the glory for His wonderful blessings and provision. I’m not sure how to attach a picture to a blog and I don’t like posting pix of other people’s children on facebook. Bless you both for 2017

  42. Dear Pastor Andrew
    Thank you for the daily inspiration messages , today is my son’s birthday , he turns 12 .
    His name is Skye Joel Shaik
    Joel ( Jesus Our Eternal Love )
    He is such a blessing , let me share a testimony .
    When Skye was conceived , he was out of the womb, and the doctor advised us to abort him .We fasted and prayed , what a miracle when we went back to the doc
    The scan showed he was safe in the womb. The devil was not finished with him , at 2.15pm on the 1st December 2016 , Skye was kicking inside me .
    I started to experience pain , I was rushed to the hospital and a scan was run .
    Scan showed the cord was around his neck , and his heartbeat was decreasing. I was prep for an emergency casear .
    At 9.15 pm , Skye was born . watta a JOY .
    When I visit the doctor , I said this was the child that u asked me to abort .
    12 years with the grace of God , my son is blessed with everything. He plays chess and he scored 100 percent on his Maths paper .
    The wisdom he has is so unbelievable , he can comfort the most depressed person, I truly thank God for him.
    I pray he always walk in the light of God , and I remind him how important it is to stay and live a Christian life.
    My kids are such blessings , please can I request they always remain in your prayers and I pray they can always overcome temptation .
    Be blessed
    From Janet

  43. Dear Andrew & Vanessa
    Once again, thank you so much for your daily quotes from the Bible. I enjoy reading the daily messages from our Lord and Saviour. This time last year I was having radiation for breast cancer and Praise GOD so far I am clear. My next mammogram and check-up is in Feb next year. The Lord has Blessed me abundantly during 2016 and continues to do so.
    I had to put ALL my FAITH in HIM as I was stressing over my son, Troy, who has just turned 36 and has had a tremendous turbulent year, emotionally and physically i.e. he deserted his fiancée and their two children, left his work of employment, got involved in alcohol and drugs and only now after continual prayer throughout the year, has he finally found work as a Website Developer and starts work on Monday. He has returned to his family and more so than ever we will continue to pray and THANK GOD for watching over Troy and will pray that Troy and Roxanne will come to know how important it is to have GOD in their lives. I firmly believe in GOD’s timing!
    Thank you once again for being such an inspiration in my life.
    Blessings to you and your family as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

  44. Wow, wonderful, indeed we serve a mighty God, but then again if we look at it the right way what a Mighty God serves us who believe and reverence him.

  45. This is to wonderful I am so proud of you. Yes we do stick our noses in Gods business when we are stressed out, I am going through the same thing with everything that can go wrong going wrong, however, I rest my case and leave it in Gods hands, people are not reliable but God is. Amen keep trusting, for you surely will reap the rewards.

  46. Greetings in Jesus Name!
    I must take the time to commend you on your steadfast
    prayer for me during my stay at the hospital. I strongly believe that when you
    prayed for me I was miraculously healed before I went for my ultrasound. This was
    based on doctors findings of a breast lump which couldn’t be detected on the sonogram thereafter!!!
    Many thanks for your dedication and Gods calling to heal the sick.
    “Posted o/b/o Brenda Govender – Please can you kindly post it for me on blog.God Bless”

  47. I am sure many years ago I asked you to pray for my elder sister Elizabeth. She underwent a serious throat operation she has Barrats disease and they had to make a new throat lining and she had to learn to swallow again.
    She had a full recovery then and now years later (through dreadful debt and hard times) she has had an awesome experience with God and is bubbling over with joy and a great witness of His peace.
    God is faithful.
    Have a wonderful weekend and bless you all for interceding for Gods family

  48. Good morning Past Andrew I just have share this good news with you
    A while ago ask for prayer for my brother Richard and my sister Hayley well GOD has come true for me my brother Richard rededicate his life to GOD AND Hayley gave her heart to GOD
    THANK YOU for praying for me and my family I just give him all the praises and the GLORY
    May GOD blessings be with you and your family
    Stay bless
    From Shirley
    “Posted o/b/o Shirley Stevens – Please go ahead and post my testimony on your block I want the world to know that we are serving a marical working GOD”

  49. Good morning Past Andrew I just have share this good news with you
    A while ago ask for prayer for my brother Richard and my sister Hayley well GOD has come true for me my brother Richard rededicate his life to GOD AND Hayley gave her heart to GOD
    THANK YOU for praying for me and my family I just give him all the praises and the GLORY
    May GOD blessings be with you and your family
    Stay bless
    From Shirley Stevens
    From Eldorado Park

  50. Good morning Past Andrew I just have share this good news with you
    A while ago ask for prayer for my brother Richard and my sister Hayley well GOD has come true for me my brother Richard rededicate his life to GOD AND Hayley gave her heart to the Lord
    THANK YOU for praying for me and my family I just give him all the praises and the GLORY
    May GOD blessings be with you and your family
    Stay bless
    From Shirley Stevens

  51. Yes indeed, I have had such miracles from God,
    I list but one here and there are many
    A few years ago still employed but not in a good financial position having to raise all my children alone, I often ran out of money. I used to buy Bibles for those who could not afford them, I went around to my black co workers and asked them if they wanted to have a Bible and indeed they did, So I took there names and the language they needed them in, I then ordered the Bibles from the Bible Society, and then had to pay the invoice, I cannot remember the amount but to give an example here, not the right amount my memory not that bright any more, lets say it was R269,18. Well what was I suppose to do, I could not pay it and they needed the Bibles, I then went to check my savings account knowing full well there is no money, and what did I find? in it was R269.18 on the dot. How I was overjoyed and paid it at once, I also will remark here since the day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I never saw a hungry day like we had before. Indeed how He keeps the bread coming. All Praise and Glory be to God, Keep trusting, never doubt, for trusting opens the hand of God. We must never pray and doubt, wait for God, and remember God is not slow, Our time and Gods time is not the same time, wait patiently and thank Him even if your prayers have not come to pass yet, For God said, Blessed are those who have not seen but believe. May God answer your prayers and turn your financial position around. AMEN.

  52. Hello Pastor Andre, Thank you so much for all the good and sound scripture you so faithfully send.
    I would like to share my experience about the goodness of Our Lord,
    I was away on holiday in Australia by the kindness of my Australian friends who paid my way and took very good care of me, For this alone I Thank God for He knew I really needed a holiday and not in a financial position to take one, but then the cherry on the top came out of the hand of God,
    Whilst in Australia I got a message to say that two armed robbers enter my home, they tied up those who live with me, then they stared to go through the house, The most amazing thing being nothing of mine was taken, Absolutely nothing, but for a few silver coins when they turned my handbags out, no one was harmed although they did take belongings of the other two, It is so strange,(or was it) I then checked my handbags, two of them, and in both cases I opened the zips on the sides and behold there was the two hundred rand in tact, the other handbag I took out the little purse which they took the silver, it also had a little zip on the side and inside I found the other R250 I left for them just in case they ran out of food.
    One of my sons remarked that I surely I am Gods little white bread, it sounds much better in Afrikaans, how amazing is that, Not only did My Lord take me on a holiday he also protected those in my home against violence, but made sure nothing God given was taken from me.
    How wonderful Our God is All Praise to The Father, The Son and The Holy spirit,
    Indeed we need not fear for God is forever with those who reference Him. Let prayer and praise always be on your lips. for true is His words that He will protect and take care of his own..
    Amen Amen.

  53. Thank you for the daily thoughts going out pastor Andrew. I would like to share the following: When someone asks me “Why Jesus, Why trust in God, Why be a born again believer?” I would answer – because throughout my life, even when I was not holding on to God, He held onto me. He took care of me, protected me, gave me undeserved mercy – always. God has been so good to me I cannot but love and trust and praise Him. When I am walking with Jesus I experience peace and inner joy, when I walk on my own and follow my own path I experience fear, darkness and an anxious life.
    Jesus truly is the light and the way. I choose Jesus because it gives me a life on earth I enjoy living even when I go through troubled times. Troubled times with Jesus is a lot different than troubled times without Him. Praise be to God always!! God is Good all the time!!

  54. Dear Pastor Andrew,
    Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony on this precious page.
    I have been a daily follower of AlivetoGod for close to 10 years and what a blessing they have become to me. Its the first thing I read when I enter the office.
    My testimony:
    I have started a new company and I am going to China for a meeting. Its my first time there. My cousin who is going with me misinformed me about the visa requirements. He told me that I only needed a letter of invitation from any company in China, a support letter from the company which will pay for my expenses, airticket, yellow fever, visa fee etc. So the being an organized person, i took my application with all the requirements. When I got there, I was informed that being the first visit to china i needed an official invitation from the Chinese government. This really broke my heart as I didnt know anyone in china to chase the letter for me. I had booked my air ticket and therefore had only one week to get the letter and apply for the visa. That means I needed like two weeks to get everything done. And to get the letter, I need a CID good conduct which takes two weeks. Mine had expired. I went down on my knees. I sent a note to Pastor Andrew to help me pray for the situation. He replied and informed me that people are praying for me and all will be well. What a comfort i felt when I heard that statement and I relaxed and asked God to take full control. On a friday, I walked in to the CID and the police offered to fill my form which is filled online but due to the panic i forgot. I went and explained my situation to one of the guys there who offered to help me. On Monday morning I was called to pick my certificate, barely one day after applying. I found Chinese office which was inviting us for the exhibition. I gave them my papers and they requested for my letter from China. I went and suspended my flight till i get the visa. It took three days and i got. Applied for my visa and i received it last week on Thursday. I now have everything in order and scheduled to travel on Monday. I didnt miss a thing.
    When we put full trust in God, nothing can go wrong as there’s nothing impossible with God. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me. Please continue praying for a breakthrough as I go to look for clients there.
    He’s a good father.

  55. We moved to Germany beginning August. Little did we know the challenge that awaited us to get accommodation. Most of the units come without a kitchen, cupboardso, lights etc. To lustart afresh with furniture and to install a kitchen was not too easy. Eventually I wrote to Pastor Andrew requesting prayer. Last week our prayers were answered and we signed the contract on Friday. Not only that, the apartment is much better than we hoped for. Honour and glory to God!

  56. Thank you so much Pastor Andrew and Vanessa for the daily uplifting messages. I am happy to tell you that God blessed me with a new job, on the 1st of November I will be starting my new job. I have been praying for financial breakthrough and a career change. God has done wonders and gave me what I needed, I am truly blessed by your daily messages. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly.

  57. To God be the Glory my house was about to be closed I emailed asking for prayers and God hacked unto my voice and heard our prayers, I had been struggling with paying the full rent money as I am the bread winner in my house my husband has been out of a job since he left his work at an occult church things had been difficult to a point where our agent send us a message to say we need to evacuate their apartment it was meant to be end of September by God’s Mercy after the prayers they gave us another month to stay, we went searching and still by His Grace we got approved for a place of stay,
    Be thou exalted oh Lord, be lifted up , all Glory and Honor to you Savior.

  58. Dear Alive to God,
    Thank you for all the prayers, my wedding day was AWESOME, and I believe so will my marriage life continue to be. Hallelujah!
    I had my dream wedding!!!, our Heavenly Father really made my special day very very very special indeed, lost for words!
    Thank you very much my brothers and sisters. May God continue to richly bless Alive to God.
    Warmest Regards,
    Penny Hoffman

  59. My name is Asanda and I have been looking for a job for quite sometime and I decided to send an e-mail to Pastor Andrew requesting him to keep me in prayers as I was still looking. I sent an e-mail end of July and in September I applied for a job and was called for an interview in October beginning. Towards the mid October I was called and advised that I will be starting on the 1st November. I give all the praise to each and everyone who kept on praying for me not forgetting giving thanks to God and trusting in him that whenever you ask in his name you get. I would like to pass my gratitude to each and everyone for keeping me in your prayers may God keep on blessing you abundantly. Thank you.

  60. All glory to God; not sure if you can recall but I also asked you to pray with us for my daughter Xanthe to get a job and guess what; our prayers were answered. After being at home for 8 months she got a job and she is so happy with the job God has provided her with.
    We serve such an amazing and faithful God

  61. I don’t know how familiar you are with the American Medical Insurance Situation. For a self-employed person like myself it’s a bit of a minefield. I am in a ‘managed care network’ that is very local with an enormous annual deductible. We had made numerous attempts to cover the planned surgery. I had written a letter asking for coverage in March. But when the time came…
    On Tuesday 23. August my friend Carol and I traveled from Florida to New Orleans. LA. That same evening Dr. Sullivan called me with the hugely disappointing news that after a peer-to-peer review, with a Dr. at the insurance, they denied my eligibility for surgery, stating that I needed to stay within my network boundaries.
    Between then and Wednesday morning I called the insurance to get the names of the only 3 plastic surgeons in my network. Dr. Sullivan’s billing specialist called them all and with some explaining she received a letter from all three that they don’t perform the surgery I was to have, namely The Stacked DIEP invented by Dr. Sullivan. Still the insurance denied the request.
    So when Carol and I arrived at the Center that Wednesday morning I was in the process of making peace with not having the surgery, just having wasted a lot of time and money and vacation time… when the CEO came to us and said that Dr. Sullivan had said we’ll go ahead with the surgery I literally got weak in the knees.
    Minutes later we met with Dr. Sullivan and when I asked him how he could possibly go ahead, with a clear denial from the insurance, he said: “It’s the right thing to do, and here we do the right thing!” I could have cried… what a gift! (my miracle!!!)
    During my hospital stay and with the support of my praying friend Carol I learned about the many staff members that love the Lord. The words “here we do the right thing” received added meaning.
    Please pray for all at The Center of Reconstructive Breast Surgery and bless them for their hands-on, personal and caring work.

  62. we trusted God to give our daughter a job that would suit her needs as a young mother returning to work after 6years at home.God did just that and we give him all the glory.

  63. Dear Pastor Andrew and beloved in the Lord
    I would like to share with you what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me.
    In December 2015, on my second day of leave, I started feeling chest pains, shortness of breath and then eventually started feeling like I was about to pass out.
    I then realized that I was having a heart-attack at the age of 34.
    Being at home, alone with my 10 year old son, I was petrified. I called my wife, but she was caught in meetings for the day, called my mother, no answer. I called my brother and then my sister, both of whom were in meetings or driving and couldn’t take calls.
    Then I remembered Psalm 145:18… and I prayed and called on the Lord.
    It so happened as I was standing in my driveway praying for God to make a way, an old man who lives down the road, came walking past my house with his grandchild. He stopped right next to my house. I knew the Lord had sent him my way to assist.
    I asked and the old man without any delay, fetched his car and took me to the doctor. From there, I was sent to hospital.
    One week and a triple heart by-pass surgery later, I was released from hospital. God has graciously protected me and my family. I am getting better each day. But am completely healed in Jesus’ name.
    I thank God every day for the amazing thing He’s done in my life. Even allowing this to come on my path, has been a blessing. Because I got to first-hand experience what it’s like to be rescued by our Father.
    To God be the glory, Soli Deo Gloria

  64. Six and half years ago we prayed for a baby – in the six years we lost two children. I was at my lowest of low and wondering WHAT DID I DO THAT GOD IS PUNISHING ME???? I was asking God if He has forgotten me – doesn’t He hear my crying prayers and doesn’t He see my tears??? My husband was my rock and just said we must keep on praying and one day my daily reading was about FAITH and the summary of the message was the following: “Faith is giving thanks to God for what you have received as if you have already received it.” SO, that is what we did and on 1 May 2015 just before the SAD Marathon in Wellington the test was positive and obviously our joy was never ending. Before falling pregnant we decided that we do not want to know the sex of the baby WHEN we fall pregnant. While running I was singing my praises to God and 900m from the end I ran over 2 blue baby booties in the road. The next day all the signs of a miscarriage was there and all I kept saying to my husband “I can not loose another child”. We prayed the blood of Jesus over our unborn child and after 4 days the doctor did a ultra sound saying there is no harm to the baby but no running for mommy anymore. As I was already 41 years of age an amnio was on the cards but we decided together that we will take whatever God gives us and we are not having an amnio. We just prayed that the heart beat must be so strong that once our baby is born people will be amazed at his/her love for God. At 20 weeks of my pregnancy we had the ultrasound indicating any abnormalities etc. The first thing the doctor said: “WOW what a strong heart beat for such an infant” and tears flowed down our faces. That Sunday the priest were preaching from 2 Samuel but the Holy Spirit took me to 1 Samuel 1:27 “…and she called him Samuel as she prayed him from God.” Not knowing what to make of it I shared it with my husband and he said “that is a nice name for a boy”. At 36 weeks a routine check up resulted in my immediate admission to hospital as I had a rupture which was leaking fluids to my unborn child. On the 4th day the morning at 5h15 they came to do routine checks and the sister asked me when have I felt baby kicking and I couldn’t answer her – her face said it all. AGAIN I prayed the blood of Jesus over our child and at 8h00 the gine came to tell me an emergency C-section and at 13h20 our perfectly healthy baby boy Samuel was born. ALL PRAISE TO OUR GOD!!

  65. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. I had an awesome run at Comrades . God carried me from the beginning to the end .I now know what people mean when they say “
    go and enjoy your Comrades Marathon. I was running at a comfortable pace ,shaved off over
    two hours from my last year’s time . Last year my time was 11h:06 , this year is 8h:42 .
    Running at a comfortable pace all the way , saw things I did not even see along the way on my 1st run in 2015 . The crowd was awesome …they called me by name as if they knew me . Seeing the beauty of KZN , thanked God for the beautiful world he has created and the beautiful weather on the day . I asked God to carry me when fatigue came especially during the last 10km to the finish. As always God carried me through. I enjoyed running Comrades 2016 .
    I give Glory to God !!!

  66. Good Morning Pastor Andrew & Vanessa Roebert
    Thank you for you word today, I prayed about this last night and today I got my answer through your word. God has really been good to me,
    I’ve been through so many difficult times and a few of the times your words have carried me through,
    May god bless you and your work.

  67. Glory be to God my son was blessed with a lovely little baby boy. He had lost his job and was lifted up in prayer two weeks later the same place he was working at had offered him another position within the company. He is now working a full time job and is able to provide for his family. God our Father is great

  68. Hi Katrina
    I trust you are well. Our God is really GREAT, He supplies all our needs. What a great testimony.
    Keep well and stay blessed.

  69. On 25 November 2015, I sowed a seed of R200 for the 1st time in this ministry. I sowed the seed towards a pressing financial need that I am facing and financial turmoil that I am finding myself in, trusting God to come through for my own financial needs.
    I have also to add that yesterday 30th November around between 9h30- 12h00, I could feel the presence of the Lord moving in me and I unknowingly just started to praise the Lord, and I knew that you were praying for me.
    Barely 4 days after I sowed the seed, I received a miracle of R2600 from an unexpected source. It is a miracle indeed because the person who happened to be my cousin, gave me this amount of R2200 and her husband another R400, bringing the total amount to R2600.
    What a mighty God!!!!. God surprised me beyond my expectations!!!
    Thank you dear brethren for the prayers. I am still trusting the Lord to further deliver me from the financial turmoil I find myself and for healing for myself and a friend.
    Thank you very much.
    From: Windhoek

  70. On 5 October 2015, I asked prayer for my nephew Deon, 17 years who went on a violence spree and threw stones at his older brother, and hitting him with a stone that causes the brother to lost a tooth. He also missed both the mother and brother with a knife. He was arrested on the night of 4 October 2015 and released on Wednesday 7 October although he had to appear 3 times in court, the last 30th November. He was given community work, to clean the social welfare yard till 30th November.
    I just want to thank the Lord, for prayers answered.
    On 30th November, the last appearance, he was acquitted.
    Thank you very much for interceding for him.
    My biggest appreciation for your time. God bless.

  71. HI Andrew,
    Just thought of sharing this with you,
    I woke up this morning just pondering on my life what I have achieved and where I am today, and felt quite despondent thinking that I have not really achieved much.
    As I was spending time with the Lord, He gave me Haggai 2: 9. I ponder on it and wandered why, God then lead me to Hebrews, 10 , 11, 12 ( Confession, Assembly, Confidence, Faith )
    Soon after that I opened my computer, downloaded my mail and got this message from you (Haggai 2:9) , this was mind blowing GOD speaks with one voice
    Not sure how you get the daily word, but somehow you are listening
    Bless u

  72. Many thanks guys,God is good all the time,I almost got injured badly due to a car accident I was involved in this past weekend,but luckily all four of us are fine,no one got hurt,thanks for your continued work for the Lord’s work and blessing us everyday.
    May God’s love and blessings be upon you all.

  73. 02Nov2015..Today’s message is a Perfect message for a perfect day. My first day as permanent employee after temping for almost a year. The Lord has been my rock and my pillar where all my trust is. I gave it all to my Rock of Faith, of Grace and Mercy. The Righteous one.
    Here is your word for today:
    Verse: Psalm 18:2
    ‘The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and the One who rescues; My God, my rock and strength in whom I trust and take refuge; My shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower – my stronghold.’

  74. Just to share with you how God answered my request:
    My car has been making a funny noise for about a month now, which my husband said could be the cambelt and tensioner. Bearing in mind we don’t have finances to just fork out when something breaks. So I phone a mechanic and ask him if I can bring my car to him just for a quote. I get there and the gentlemen says to me that he cannot allow me to drive any further with this car as it WILL break and it will then cost me a lot of money.
    Worried, because I don’t have the finances to pay for the repairs even though it is not a lot of money to other people, the mechanic said: “You know what, leave the car here, you can pay me when you’ve managed to get the money” – How great is our GOD???
    This morning one of my friends saw the quote on my desk and asked about it, I told her the story and she said to me: “I will give you the money to pay them, you can fix it with me at a later stage” – This is How GREAT OUR GOD is!!!!!

  75. Dear pastor Andrew and Vanessa and Team.
    I asked for prayer for my nephew Deon 17 years old on 5 October 2015, who got drunk on 3 October 2015, attacked his older brother and mother. The brother lost a tooth, he missed the mother with a knife, as well as the brother. The mother had to call in the police. He was locked up the Saturday 3 October till Wednesday 7October.Thank you for the prayers for Deon.
    He appeared in court on Monday 5 October, were released from custody on Wednesday 7 October although he had to make a 3rd appearance again on 29 October.
    He asked forgiveness from the mother and brother in court. They all reconciled. He is at peace at the moment.
    Thank you for your commitment and love to stand by me in prayer.

  76. Greetings Andrew. At the beginning of the year my grandson Ethan was diagnosed with obstructive apnea and SAD immune system deficiency. Despite his diagnosis even his paediatrician is embarrassed when he sees, through everyone’s prayers how active and we’ll Ethan looks and is. In His mercy, our precious Father God is ensuring that everyone knows how His Son’s death on the cross has not been in vain; how my precious grandson is successfully back at creche and sleeping through the night. What a precious God we serve. Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers.

  77. Hello Andrew
    I have been asking you so many times to pray for me for various situations.
    I want to tell you about a miracle that happened to me.
    Last week Tuesday we had floods where I live. I was called at work and told I must come home now as the river was in flood and if I came later I might not be able to cross it.
    I drove back home and I saw the river in flood, and I took the chance. I respect nature a great deal so I don’t just take chances. But the road was taken out because f the amount of rain. So as I drove in, the water hit my car on the left window, and then swing the car to the right and off the bridge.
    I sat in the car and knew I had to get out. I look up and saw the smallest tree ever and I’m big. I got out the water ripped my away and as I passed this little tree I grabbed onto it and pulled myself out.
    I then walked 2 km back home covered in mud and ice-cold.
    They then pulled my car out when the river calmed down as the water was too strong.
    The damaged done to my car….. R 500.00
    My entire life changed. God gave me a Miracle and with that I know he loves me. I have in the mean time lost 5 kg. I’m so positive and I know my God My Father indeed loves me and He has Blessed me and will Bless me.
    God Bless

  78. Good Day
    last week I got a mail with a testimony on my email and it was like God was speaking to me after I read it I though to myself I also have a testimony that I must share.
    My testimony
    I got married in 2013 and all we wanted was to have a baby but it was not possible for I was not able to conceive on my own needed help. We went to see a doctor he said we should just use fertility tables our problem is not that big. The first month I used it the tables never worked I used it the second month and it did. I thanked God so much for giving me a baby was very happy. In that time the tables were discontinued so I could not get anymore not that I wanted but my friend did coz she also had a problem. 9 week later I had a miscarriage I was so upset thinking why would God allow this to happen and take my baby away I was very sad and I could not try again coz there was no tables to try and I was so upset never wanted a baby again.
    Last year we tried again same think with the tables the doctor told me it never worked we had to get stronger tables. In my sad time my sister came to tell me she is pregnant and she is only married for 4 month. I was so upset and as God why can he give her a child and not me what did I ever do. A week later I found out I was pregnant and God never let me down.
    8 weeks later I found out I was having twins but I was busy losing one and there was nothing the doctors could do at that time but I thanked God that I still had one baby left and he or she will be my blessing.
    When I was 29 weeks pregnant I went to my doctor for a check up he told me that my baby has stopped growing on 26 weeks and she will have to come out or else she would die. She will have a 70% chance to life outside but 0% inside me. My world was upside down I never knew what to say or do I was so angry upset blaming myself for what I don’t now. Blaming God for giving me 2 miscarriages and now he want to take away my last one that I carried for so long. I thought to myself what kind of a God are you how can you do this you have to hart.
    On my way to the hospital I was so upset but a thought came to me and it was to pray for Amy that our babies name, that is all I could think off. I prayed and told everyone I knew the story and told them to pray that is all that is going to help. I think the whole world was praying at that time.
    Amy was born on the 18 October 2014 her weight was 660g that is very very small. I saw Amy for 5 sec that day and she went to ICU I was so sad really felt like my world was falling apart. Amy was in hospital for 2 months and 3 weeks and believe me when I say that brought us closer to God we prayed for her everyday everybody did that’s all we done day and night. God took me though a road that I never thought I would cross really. Some babies only came to ICU for a week or so and went home Amy could not go home. God made me so strong that I could be strong for Amy God went with me to hospital everyday and stepped in before I went in he guided me each day.
    Amy is at home today 10months old and 6.1 Kg God was with me and my husband all that time when she was in hospital we never walked along there were difficulty times sad times but we made it. God is good I think my husband only got a bill of R1000 and Amy’s medical bill was over 1 million rand if not more. This was really amazing what God done for us.
    When I had my first miscarriage God was in control he had a reason why I was to young to understand but today I do. When I lost Amy’s half i was to upset to understand why but God had it under control. When Amy was born on 29 weeks I was angry and upset but God was in control.
    Today my husband and I got to church every Sunday we never use to do that sin we got married Amy is going to be baptized on the 11 October. God is in control of our life. I believe sometimes God has to allow things to happen in your life just for you to go on your knees and as him for help I will always thank him and make sure Amy follows the way of God. She is our Miracle baby all the thanks is to our wonderful God.
    Hope this story touches you in so many ways and let it be a testimony God is alive and can do miracles

  79. I praise Christ.
    Andrew I give a testimony.
    Some time back I wrote to you asking you to pray with me. It was tight.
    But we serve a living God. My debts are being cleared and I was promoted. Even my husband was promoted.
    I praise God for he is always faithful!!!!
    In all situations, Just call his name….

  80. Good day Pastor Andrew,
    Thanks for this wonderful message I do hear the LORD’s voice in me I often asked the LORD to call people after I have given Him the names of people that I know and love,
    After the Lord called that person and ask that person whether they want to be His child they confess their sins to Him (this part I do not hear anything)and then I hear then He says to them I give you eternal life, I am so happy too with that person happy to know that, that person will go to heaven, love to be with the Lord in prayers
    I am so blessed please keep on praying for me thank you Pastor
    Agape greetings
    Mensie ( Erika taylor)

  81. Greetings Pastor Andrew and Vqanessa
    I always marvel how great our God is and how He cares for even the little things in our lives.
    When I lived in Cape Town SA I lived on the beachfront in Sea Point and now I have re-located to the
    UK I am living on a beachfront here similar to that of Cape Town. The Lord knows I love the sea.
    Thank you for the ALIVE Mini-Mag (July 2015) which I downloaded now and read through the inspiring
    articles It is uplifting and a blessing and also thank you so much for the Daily Word which I always enjoy.
    I have been in Vienna, Austria ( spoke some German) – it was very hot 35 degrees which I enjoyed.
    On the day I had to return to the UK I was in an airport shuttle to the airport in Vienna and the shuttle
    broke down after 20 minutes ( it was 1 hours drive from the hotel to the airport). All the passengers had to
    vacate the airport shuttle and a few off us walked to the nearest station. I had to catch 3 trains to Vienna Airport
    and prayed. I arrived at Vienna airport very late and to my absolute joy the flight I was to board for England was delayed
    45 minutes!! I thanked the Lord and ‘checked in’ for my flight to UK. That is our God When you are in His Will
    He will move heaven and earth for you!!

  82. Praise God Pastor Andrew and Pastor Vanessa . Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony.
    I give God all the glory , honour and Praise. Your daily thoughts have really touched my life in many ways. I cannot thank God enough.
    My elder brother Eric has been a chain smoker for may years but finally accepted Christ our Lord as his personal saviour. He has stopped smokingbut it has been hard ( withdrawal symptons). He was continually coughing and had lost appetite for food. late July he had driven to collect his son from school, as he came out of the car he fainted. The school staff did some first aid and finally he got up. I decided to mail a prayer request to Pastor Andrew and Pastor Venessa to pray for my brother Eric. I thank God my brother is well. Thank you very much and may you be blessed. May our Almighty God richly bless your Ministry in the Mighty Name of JESUS. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.
    Catherine Mwapaga

  83. Past. Andrew and Vanessa,
    i feel so “small” and “humble”…In 2012 i wrote a e-mail and ask for your prayers after i was diagnose with breast-cancer stage 3. On the 12th August 2015 i did celebrate my 4th BirthDay. For the 04th year all my tests are NEGATIVE!!! All the Glory and Praise to Yeshua for his Mercy Grace and Healing in my body. Yeshua is the GOD of the Mountains and He is the God of the Valleys. The BEST decision you can make in life is to give your life to Jesus Christ not tomorrow make it TODAY!!! Yeshua are waiting for you to make the choice and Yeshua wants to walk with you 24/7 remember we are only temporary resident we are just passing through!

  84. amen indeed we serve a Mighty God that never fails to heal deliver and sets free my friend was diagonsed with Leukaemia in march and was not well had to go for bone marrow transplant chemo was very bad even had a food pipe but all glory honour and praise goes to Jesus the awesome God who has healed him and set him free he went to work this morning after being out of work since December 2014 i cannot thank u enough Jesus and I know more blessings and favour is upon my friend as he fully gains his strength to serve this powerful and awesome God King Jesus as special thank you to Pastor Andrew and his intercessory team for upholding Sachin in their prayers may God continue to bless you all and as God’s word speaks where there is unity God commands a blessing and in unity we prayed for healing and God has come through amen thank u Pastor for always being there whenever i needed prayer may God look with favour upon u all and bless your ministry to overflowing abundance I will thank u Lord for as long as there is breath in me of your healing and love upon Sachin amen thank u Jesus

  85. Dear Pastor Andrew and Vanessa
    The Lord graciously blessed my partner and I with a second child, a baby boy. However the events that followed after his birth was unimaginable.
    Our son was born on the 10th March as a healthy little boy, my mother said from the day he was born that he was special. As when she sang gospel songs to him it was almost has if he was trying to sing with her.
    2 weeks later my 5 year old son broke his wrist and required an operation, the following day my baby was also admitted into hospital for cardiac arrhythmia due a blocked nose. He was discharged after 3 days. My partner and I then became very paranoid about the baby’s health and limited contact to the outside world.
    Our baby was now 5 weeks old and I will never forget the day our lives were rocked to its core, the 16 April our son was a little crabbier than usual and when we went to collect my oldest son from school, our baby cried the entire way there and back. I thought it was a bad wind or he had become colic. However whenever I tried to put him down he would scream even more. I then eventually managed to open his nappy noticed that his right scrotum was swollen and blue. We rushed him to a hospital to find out that he had a strangulated inguinal hernia. He was rushed into theatre for an emergency operation to have 7cm of his small intestine removed as it had died and was going septic, if we had waited an hour longer he would have died. A day after the operation the paediatrician discovered that there was an obstruction on the small intestine had to back into surgery to remove the blockage. Both operations were successful however the following day he then picked up a severe case of broncholitis and needed to be put on life support as he was not able to breathe on his own. A few days later his heart stopped beating and needed to be resuscitated. All of this happened in a space of 4 days.
    My partner and I are Christians, however we chose not to have a close relationship with the Lord as we were consumed by demonic possessions. I built a 1500 piece puzzle that I had mounted in our lounge it had a picture of a dragon and a woman holding the dragons egg. My partner was a serious gamer, he played games that involved slaying demons and monsters by using magic. His mouse pad, keyboard and mouse had a snake symbol on it. We thought nothing of these items as there were so many other idols/demonic items in the house.
    As our 5 week old baby lay in ICU on life support we turned to our family for prayer and support. My mother who is a reborn Christian and strong prayer warrior suggested we get a pastor in to pray for our baby and our family. That particular night we were load shedded, I called my mother to tell her lets postpone the prayer service, she insisted that we continue. The pastor arrived and battled to pray as if someone, something didn’t want her to be there and pray for us. She then turned her eye to my puzzle and asked what exactly it was. I told her, she then informed me about a demoness Lilith who preys on woman and children. I then realised that’s why I had a difficult pregnancy and why boys were getting sick and hurt. My mother also advised that we were under attack by the devil and he was trying to take our son away from us to turn us away from the Lord completely.
    My partner and I decided then that our children are more important than these material possessions and destroyed the puzzle and all other items in the house. For the first time we prayed together as a couple asking the Lord to forgive for our ignorance and to save our baby. The next morning we received good news that his intestine was working and his tummy was functioning but was still on life support as his lungs were still infected. My mom gave me a book by Stormie Omartian called The Power of a Praying Parent, everyday for the next 2 and half weeks I prayed over our son and would play soft gospel music for him. Every day there was an improvement in his health as our faith grew stronger.
    We also started praying at night with our oldest son, who now knows the Our Father pray and we continue to pray every night.
    After 3 weeks in ICU our baby was discharged on the week-end of mother’s day. It was the best mother’s day present ever. Whenever we look at our son, I see how wonderful the Lord is and the miracle that he performed even when the doctor and nurses thought he wasn’t going to make it. It’s truly only by Gods grace that he is alive and well.
    I have now given my heart to Jesus and became a member of an amazing church. There were times when I wondered why this was happening to my child, to us but now I understand that the Lord wanted us to be closer to him and to show us what we couldn’t see or chose not to see. It also brought our families together and made their faith stronger.
    I now cannot imagine my life without My Father, My Shepherd, My Saviour, My Lord!
    I give you all the Praise and Glory Father, for without you I am nothing but dust in the wind.
    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.
    Thanks Kim

  86. Greetings Pastor Andrew and Vanessa,
    After 2yrs of struggling to have a baby, God has bless blessed my husband and I with the little princes, she due on the 12 of June and we cant wait to hold her……we just want to thank the Lord who is the creator of all things, today we cant stop smilling. Bless be the name of the Lord for He has heared our cries…..what an honour to serve a God who hears, listens and unswer His people.

  87. Greetings Pastor Andrew and Vanessa,
    I wish to share the testimony of how I requested for prayer because from nowhere I had a high blood pressure attack of 240/130. I went to the clinic because I had a persistent cough and I ended up an emergency case as due to routine check of temperature BP etc I was found to be calmly on the move with this extremely high blood pressure and I was not filling faint or anything. I was taken to the emergency room where the doctors and nurses worked hard to bring down the blood pressure that was on 12 February 2015. It stabilised after 6 hours. Then from the next day it continued being high although not as high as the first day but still considered dangerous to me, I had 190/110 or 180/100 on two days the lowest was 150/90 then it went back up. The doctor’s started worrying about kidney and liver stress so I wrote mail to our dear Pastor Andrew and Vanessa requesting for prayer on 7 March 2015, and he promptly responded that intercessors were praying for me and within a day started going down steadily and within a few days, the blood pressure normalised completely and I am now back to work. I thank God for you and the team of intercessors whom God used to pray for my miracle of healing. to our God, nothing is impossible. He used his generals at alive to God all the time.

  88. Hi Pastor Andrew and Vanessa
    I would like to give thanks to God for the marriage, I prayed for years to God to provide me with a man who would love and marry me and he answered my prayers. God blessed me with a wonderful husband who has a good heart and fears Him.
    I would also like to thank god for your ministry of encouragement and bringing out his good news to us.
    God Bless You

  89. Dear Andrew
    Just a heartfelt thanks to the Lord for His grace and His mercy – my friend Frik Annandale was diagnosed with colon cancer and was scheduled for surgery on the 25th February. I was asked to ask the intercessors to pray for him. His a servant of God, priest who takes care of my houeshold’s spiritual needs, always does more than what is required of him – and more amazing even in the times of uncertainty when the disease was diagnosed just said his life is the Lord’s to do as He pleases. He had the surgery, came through it like a champ and then the doctors said they needed to check to see what other treatment he needed to be done. problem was there was no cancer in his body after the operation and the doctors are amazed because according to them he should have had additional treatment. Now they say he only needs an annual ct scan. all we can say is Thankyou Jesus for you Healing power and your ability to wow us with Your awesomeness and power. ONLY You can do this create miracles. The family wishes to thank the intercessors for their willingness to be vessels of grace and mercy.

  90. Good afternoon Andrew
    I just need to give testimony of how God has answered my prayers.
    During the last part of last year, I requested that you pray for me to find new employment after an armed robbery at the Service Station where I was employed.
    I was unemployed for one month during which the Lord gave me a promise in Scripture in 1 Peter 5:6-11. I trusted it with all my hart and I was rendered calmness.
    I then found new employment through a community friend at Keller Williams Realty. I did the training and I’m Blessed to the point where my new business is starting to go live. I have not had my first commission paid out, but there are several deals in progress.
    I would really like to thank all who interceded in Prayer on my behalf. Our God is an Awesome God and Hy has shown me a way that would empower me to make a difference in society and where I can offer opportunities to fellow Believers.
    You are welcome to contact me for any property related enquiries as well as if there are any person who would like to enter into the realty industry.
    Please keep praying that God would sustain this dream that He blessed me with.
    May God Bless you all abundantly.

  91. Dear Pastor Andrew and Venessa,
    I would love to share the following testimony with you……I believe that for those who believe that our God is intimately involved in our everyday lives, something which becomes clearly evident if we’re able to open our spiritual eyes and ears, this would be precious:
    God has given me a special talent (art – painting and charcoal drawings) which I only discovered a few years ago after giving up my professional career to be a full time mom for my kids. The Lord has shown me for some time that I needed to spend more time on my artwork, as I know He wants to bless me through this and prophecies have been given to me, confirming to use this God-given talent. I started another wildlife charcoal drawing about 3 weeks ago, when one of my friends requested a picture of both the charcoal drawing I started, as well as the original photo that I was working from.
    While I was taking these pictures with my cell phone, something strange (supernatural) happened…. I first took the picture of the original photo and the moment I took the picture of my charcoal sketch, the phone transmitted an audio message (similar to that of the GPS voice) with a very special message: “When God says…..Jump” I asked my husband, standing beside me, what he thought had just happened and we were both stunned as there was no logical explanation for this? I repeated the photo shoots and the same message repeated itself! I called my son to come and have a look as he knows technology quite well (of course!!) – he was quite shocked and could not explain this either. Luckily, he immediately recorded a video clip with my husband’s phone. After we recorded the clip, this happened another 2-3 times and then it stopped. (video link below)
    I believe God wanted me to clearly get the message to ‘jump’ and to start working on my artwork with enthusiasm. Thank you for this opportunity to share how great our God is, and how He wants to get involved in every small detail of our lives.

  92. Thank you very much Andrew & Vanessa, I have been awarded a new job from another company. the everyday wonderful words – because I was asking for job blessings all the time, these came at the right times and I felt that something is going to happen. on the 3.02.2015 I was called by this company that they will offer me a job with a better salary. I was very happy and also sad on the other hand I am now leaving the company that I worked for, for so long. But because this was a God’s calling and answer to my prayers I asked him for blessings and do the right decisions. Thank you soo much guys and wish you all the best. TSHIDI

  93. Dear Andrew and Vanessa,
    Thank you for being who you are in Jesus Name. You are a blessing to many, including me!
    I have a ministry, taking very small groups to Israel, only once or perhaps now, twice a year.
    God lead me on this path and with Him leading us, we have favour from the moment we leave home until we return home.
    It has been the most life changing experience for each person, and being between 11 to 14 people, the love and intimacy of Jesus’s heart, penetrates deeply in each one of us.
    Just wanted to share that with you. Our Lord is Awesome! It can be a daunting task, but ~it’s God’s plan.
    I could never understand how I would find the people to go with me, as God made it clear that I was not to advertise myself, and to keep to small groups . Well, I did advertise 3 years ago, and got no response!
    After taking a few small groups, I realised that each person was hand picked by God and it happened by word of mouth. Glory to God!
    Blessings & Shalom
    Jacci Peter
    Tel: +27(0)33-330 5758 Email:
    Cell:+27(0)83 301 1838 Website:
    Fax: +27(0)86 599 5558 P.O. Box 142, Howick, 3290, S.A.
    Registered – Tour Operator, Tour Guide & Travel Services.

  94. my name is maria Bakulu
    thank you for giving me this opportunity to thank God on your website.
    God has blessed me with my own property, i’m no longer going to pay a rent, i’m now going to pay my own BOND.

  95. I have writting the reply with tears of joy filled by the love of the Holy one after reading other testimonials. Your testimony made feel and believe on what I have started seing/realising,God’s presence. At first it was like hey this time God is fedup with you, or there is nothing like God you are just waisting your time, go and sin again, then after sometime or just a second, or after a day, you know anytime. [Something happen] This is note a joke or a dream, there is something happening, something to show that there is or was somebody ust here. This always happen to disprove that God is being fedup with you, your body will automatically push you spiritually,something will happen to prove that the Holy Spirit is around you. Only you will realise that something has happened, sometimes as a warning to wake you up and pray, or to go to work or to do something that you did’nt wanted to do before. When my mother was very ill and she had to go for two major operations Andrew’s verses said” The Holy Spirit in you will take care of everything” as if they were seeing it happening or seeing the Holy Spirit busy working in me. When I was praying the enemy could say hey you used to do that and people have passed on, but I kept on praying and later my mother surived . She survived the two major operations. What a wonderful God.This became something as a proof to me that God is alive and working in me. Something to bring you back kindly, warmly, smoothly and lovely.

  96. Dear Andrew and Vanessa:
    I live in the shadow of Jesus from day to day. His blessed Holy Spirit guides me all the time. The miracles in my life happen regularly through His blessings. Thank you so much for your support and regular messages which help so much to uplift me. It strengthens me in times of strife. May God continue to bless you richly every day.
    Henry Holloway

  97. Dear Andrew and Vanessa
    We are so blessed with wonderful children, children in law and ten grandchildren.
    Our eldest daughter Pippa had an emergency appendicitis operation and a malignent tumour was discovered by the pathologists. Needless to say that we were extremely concerned. However through interventions by you and other prayer groups oncological scans indicate that the cancer has been isolated.We thank our Lord Jesus Christ and pray that there won’t be a relapse.
    May God bless you!

  98. I few weeks ago I asked for prayer for my Brother Barry. He lost his job.
    I want to give glory to God. God answered our prayers, and provided him with a job.
    Thanks to every person who prayed with me
    May God bless you

  99. Dear Pastor Andrew & Vanessa
    Praise the Lord!
    I would like to thank God for your lives that He has used you to deal with my situation through prayers, teachings, guidance and pure love you have shown me during the time of my cry and suffering.
    Here I am today!! smiling shouting Haleluyaaa to my Father in Heaven! I have gone through rough life since 2007 when I was in the UK, there is a time I though God is not really but then I remembered the story of Job! Truly my time and breakthrough was not yet to come, since I started following your teachings last year, especially the word of God you send every day, things started to change in my life, my faith became strong and things started to happen. The greatest testimony is when I got a new job I have been dreaming , I started working since 15/07/14, I have been looking for a good job for 3 years and half to no avail. I was just working hand to mouth, nothing was left for anything. With my good CV I could not get a job, my life was completely ups and down like kept in the cage. Through your tireless prayers, I have seen the power of our Almighty God, I am now keeping the track of which I am in contact with most of the countries around the globe. Jesus is giving me the strength to manage my tasks and I know the best is yet to come.
    There is a time I though that, my life was finished, but Jesus gave me the hope and lifted me up, the devil is ashamed
    My tongue will never stop worshiping God, and my heart will always love Him so much.
    Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

  100. Lorraine Fortune says
    Dear Pastor Andrew and Venessa
    Monday morning while I was still in bed I hear a voice saying to me DID YOU RECIEVE MY MESSAGE,and I know immediately that is the voice of GOD,i ask HIM what is he talking about,and just leave it,When I arrive at work I turn my pc on and I got my answer in JOHN 10 VERS 27
    thank you JESUS
    I give YOU all the Praise and Glory
    love you all

  101. Dear Pastor Andrew & Venessa
    About few weeks ago we got news that my nephews new born had contacted a something viral while she was a fetus and when she was born she suffered from seizure’s which caused brain damage and the part of the brain which it affected was the part that controls the legs. The poor little angel has been in ICU on machines coz she also couldn’t breadth on her own and was fed through the tubes. this killed us to see our little innocent baby this way. She has been there ICU since a couple a days old. ever since I fasted and prayed whole hearted and cried for Valentina to be freed from this bondage and also chatted to Pastor Andrew and his team of intercessors to pray….and by the grace of our God Jesus. Hallelujah !!!! Valentina has shown so much improvement each and every day…she is now moved into a big crib coz she has grown which is such a blessed sign …and the miracle of all is that she moves her legs like a little karate kid….thank you Lord for your blessings upon my family that stood by their little girl and never gave up..thank you Lord for being The Doctor that heals from the heart….I am forever yours Lord coz I know I serve a living God…A God above all the things of the earth….I love u Father .
    Thank for cradling our little Valentina close to your heart…
    Love u Always

  102. May the good lord continues to shower you, all at Alive to God ,as I continue forwarding your daily inspiration through to all the people that I know, who back step from God,and sharing your daily thought with the new ones, that they really need deliverance as he really delivered me and others to accept Jesus christ as their saviour and the Lord of their lives

  103. God is good all the time! A month ago I wrote to Alive to God ministries requesting prayers for my friend who was very sick, had swollen painful feet and severe diarrhoea. I called my friend two days after I had sent the prayer request and he told me that he’s healed completely and has started working.
    On Monday, 28/09/2014 I emailed Pastor Andrew Roebert requesting that he pray for my boss as she was having complications with her pregnancy and unfortunately they couldn’t perform a caesarean section immediately due to these complications(severe water retention on the stomach & high blood pressure). On Tuesday, 29/09/2014 I received from my boss a picture on my email inbox of a baby girl, born at 2.9kg… I was so overwhelmed with joy and said to myself God really answer prayers of His servants in this ministry… I’m not a member of this ministry but I have faith in their prayers. Pastor Andrew, I can never thank God, you and your intercessors enough for all these miracles, may God continue to bless you, increase your anointing and your desire to seek His face and do His works…
    Stay blessed

  104. Hi Andrew thanks for al the Prayers on the 9 September my husband told me he dont feel so well that afternoon he was rush by ambulans to flora clinik he was admitted with a stroke and a hartatacked it was everthing on the right hand sight he was walking in everthing and falling out off bed i was PRAYING please GOD help my husband and the momument i was writing to you please Andrew PRAY for my husband that when the MIRACLE off GOD is Happening i was so glad my husband was not like it old self but GOD bring him back again for us Thanks Andrew he is still struggleling with the walk but likely the speech is a little better and the right hand and veet of the fisio he is doing

  105. Good morning Andrew and Vanessa,
    Some time ago I asked you to pray for me for work. Praise the Lord He has answered our prayers.
    My wife and I have been appointed as managing couple at a private resort on the Vaal dam starting middle October. Isn’t our God great??
    Blessings and thanks for your prayers.
    Terry Thompson

  106. Dear Pastor Andrew
    Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony.
    I would like to thank the Lord Jesus for healing me. I am so grateful to be alive today and I give all the Glory to the Almighty. I had 2 brain tumors surgeries, one in May 2009 and another one in June 2013, after the recent one, I had radiation therapy (30 sessions) and chemotherapy treatment for 7.5 months. I went for a scan in March and all was clear, no signs of recurrence and am due for another scan in August/September and I trust God that this too will be clear.
    It wasn’t an easy road but with Jesus by my side all the time, He delivered me from this illness and I didn’t fear anything. I quote Psalm 23 v 4: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me” Sometimes I cry when I pray and think about all this that He has done for me. I cannot thank Him enough. I was surrounded by people that loves me , my family and friends were there for me, esp. my son, sister and niece, may the Lord bless them all.
    I want to encourage someone today by saying that it doesn’t matter what you are going through, there is nothing impossible with God, trust Him, stay positive and know that He is faithful. He promised never to leave nor forsake us. His timing is always right and the same God on the mountains, He is still the same God in the valleys. Just hold on to Jesus.
    May His Name be glorified. Just thought I should share.
    God bless you.

  107. Dear Ps Andrew & Venessa
    I joined “ALIVE TO GOD” from the time I surrendered my life to God (02/02/2002). Unknowingly, you have been my Spiritual Farther, and God worked through you, supplying me with my “daily bread” , nourish my soul, receive answers to questions and most of all brought so much PEACE and enormous wisdom in my life. I thank God for the diligent, courage and wisdom He planted in your heart to feed all our hungry souls. may God bless your work,your ministry and your family.Anthea

  108. Good Morning Pastor Andrew
    Congratulations on your 15 years of ministering
    I would like to say thank you for all your lovely prayers you send me everyday they help and guide me
    I pass them on to friend and family.
    This is one of the greatest revelations I have ever had it happened at the beginning of the year 11 January 2014 here is my story
    I was out side this week end enjoying the miracle of life with all the butterflies that have swept through our province
    I realized that their life span is not long they live for a couple of days to mate, lay their eggs and then die
    The first thing that popped into my head was, I was given the most special gift GOD could ever give
    I was chosen to be HUMAN, me HUMAN and not anything else I felt so humble and shocked as I have never thought of it this way before
    and all it took was butterflies to make me relies How SPECIAL we are
    We take our lives for granted and we never ever stop to think or thank GOD for this great gift
    I’m so grateful I have realized just how special we are and I am so grateful that our father opened my eyes so I could share my story with you
    I hope this has opened your eyes too

  109. Good morning Pastor Andrew
    I thank God for his continuous blessings and I also take this opportunity of thanking you for the words of encouragement each day
    On Friday at around 14h15 I received a call from Jet head office telling me that I had won a Jet voucher for the value of R2000, at first I thought it was a scam,
    When I called the head office yesterday to confirm, they confirmed it is true. I sewed into your ministry R200 and see what God has given back to me R2000.
    Kind Regards
    Saroj Chetty

  110. Thank you so much for your words of Encouragement. I am a living testimony of this word. A few months ago I mentioned that my husband had 2x strokes, paralized on the right side, was in a coma for ten days, stopped breathing whilst in I.C.U which was for four months however the Lord sustained me and provided me with the strength, endurance to fight all the battles which were laying ahead of me. During this time that my husband was in I.CU. he got meningitis 4 times, septacemia, candida in the lung, phnemonia, brochitis and a temperature of 40.6 The neurosurgeon gave my husband a one percent chance of survival and the physcian said he had brain damage.
    I would like to share and tell you the good news. My husband is a miracle so many times over. The Lords word is active and we can rely on his promises. He no longer is paralysed on his right side, he feeds himself, moves his arms and legs, talks, shaves, feeds himself please note eating with a knife and fork, showers and needs minimal supervision. He was in rehab for five weeks and his progress is so noticable from day to day. He is still in the hands of the Lord who is still restoring that which was stolen from him and all glory and honour to our Lord and I know that my husband testifys of the goodness of the Lord when he speaks to people. He becomes so emtional and acknowledges he is only here through the Lords mercy and grace. He will be a mighty warrior in the Lord kingdom for all those who do not believe in a miracle working God.
    He is now at home since 24th January 2014 – been away from home since 2nd September 2013. Praise the Lord.
    I hope that this encourages you as much as it give me great honour to acknowledge what an awesome God we serve.
    Thank you for your prayers.
    Much love and God bless.
    Chee Chee
    South Africa, Pretoria

  111. I’d like to share something that very recently happened: On the 23-24th of December 2013, my younger daughter and her husband-to-be visited us, and on 25-26 December my elder daughter, along with her husband and baby of 5½ months, visited (they all live quite far from us). It is mid-summer here, and we all spent much time in our backyard, under the lovely shade of a massive pin oak tree. Just before 11 am on the 26th, we all ‘happened’ to be inside the house, when suddenly we heard a loud tearing sound, and as I turned round, I saw (through the window) how a huge branch of this tree tore off, and fell between our house and outside building, right on the spot where about 30 minutes earlier, I had been standing with my baby granddaughter in my arms. Had it happened then, we both would probably have been crushed to death, because the branch must weigh a few tons (actually it’s like a complete tree on its own, with side branches and a base circumference almost 1,5 m and length 15 + m)! Well, any one or more of us could have been killed, because we have been walking there a lot, especially during those four days! The chair in which my husband had been sitting just a little earlier, also landed under the falling branch. The branch miraculously fell in the only spot where the least damage could occur. Had it fallen anywhere else, damages would have been much worse. Now only the porch outside our back door, and corner and small section of the roof, guttering etc. got damaged. Our telephone and internet cable also broke, but was repaired in just under 25 hours. What’s more, is that the top of the branch landed on our roof, exactly where (on the inside), my baby granddaughter lay sleeping. Had any bricks been dislodged, she probably would have been killed.
    We thank God for His protection, because we know that He definitely guided us all to be inside the house, and out of harm’s way, when it happened. We are very grateful for His mercy because, although there are now damages and cost involved, it does not compare with spared lives. We’ll always remember this Christmas season as a good time where we had the privilege of having both my daughters and their families here, but most of all, a time where God protected us from what could have been a very tragic disaster.
    We live in a broken world, where many bad things happen, but God has promised us in His Word that He will be WITH us, IN our situation, no matter whát happens. As long as we hold on to Him with all we have, and seek for His will in our lives, we can be assured that nothing will happen to us that would not (ultimately, in the bigger picture, which often we cannot see) be for our own good, and to His glory. Our God is alive and merciful! So just hold on to Him, no matter what!!
    Riana Joubert

  112. Hi Ps Andrew
    Thanks for your daily devotions and blog. I have risen from a five year state of depression to go on to write a book.
    ‘You don’t have to settle for second best’ tells of my journey from South Africa to Australia. As an immigrant I encountered numerous challenges that knocked my health down, especially my mental health, until I had a nervous breakdown.
    I write about how Psalms 23:4 became interwoven into my fabric. Your daily encouragement was sometimes all I could absorb during those unending dark days.
    Also thanks to your prayer team for their faithfulness. My husband and mother sent requests for me. God is faithful and hears the cries of His people.
    My book will be available in ebook and softcover in January 2014, God willing. May your ministry grow from strength to strength. I have been blessed to be a blessing to others.
    My Testimony:
    I include my testimony as a praise report to offer hope to others, especially those suffering from depression. With God as captain of our ship, you don’t need to live a defeated life, ‘You don’t have to settle for second best’.
    PS: When the book is out in ebook format, I wish to send you a complementary copy.
    Kindest Regards,
    Linda Pearl
    Brisbane, Australia

  113. Dear Pastor Venessa and Pastor Andrew
    Your daily thoughts really touch my life in so many ways. At times I get so shock when I read them and find that specific word is appropriate for that specific day. It helped me with a lot of issues in my life, from getting a huge promotion when my finances was sinking to getting it right with managing my anger and responding with love to others.
    I’ve come to realise that all these daily thoughts gave me an ” I can” , and ” I have to” attitude. Like for instance I can be happy, I have to be happy. I can trust God, I have to trust God. I can love others, I have to love others. I can forgive, I have to forgive.
    O God is so amazing!! Thanks so much for your prayers as I’m trusting God for my Husband’s Prostate problem.
    God Bless

  114. Dear Aliveto God Team,
    Bless you Andrew & Vanessa for being daily Instruments of His Peace
    Thank you and Bless you and your team for the work you are doing everyday.
    AlivetoGod has helped and ecouraged the Change in my Life, providing nourishment to the little mustard seeds of faith within me.Over the past 2 years, Your daily Thought, a daily dose of The Word, has been a Solid point of reference everyday in the shaping of my Faith and .my walk and understanding of the Living God.
    I am a born Hindu who now at age 30, has realization of the Truth that i am a child of the most High God,,….and that through Christ., i have found in Whom my Peace lies.
    I have learnt that this temporary human birth is not to struggle, not to fight against the tide, but to find that Peace within the Chaos….the calm within the storm….. in the world around us.
    My daily affirmations from the Word……that allow me to be Still
    **The Lord is my Shepherd, i shall never be in want, because He gives me everything i need.
    **God loved me so much that he gave up His only Son for me….who died for my Sins.
    **No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
    **When there is No-way , there is Yahweh!
    **If God is for me, who can be against me?
    **Greater is He that is within me that the one that is in the world.
    **His goodness and mercy Follows Me every minute every day
    My God-given partner Michael taught me a new meaning of the acronym…..
    W-W-J-D : instead of saying”What would Jesus Do?”, rather believe and say :WATCH WHAT JESUS DOES!!”
    God has a plan for every soul. He Loves us ALL. May we always stay connected to him and constantly Yearn him.
    Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.
    i pray that every eye that reads any prayer or post from AlivetoGod, knows that there is no problem or situation or circumstance that is greater than God.
    Let us Be quiet and Listen…..from Within…. (“Stiltetyd” with God)
    and lastly…..LOVE GOD……Love Him with all your heart.
    It is only the Power of love that cures and supersedes the Love of Power.
    Thank you once again Andrew for your blessing of allowing me to share my testimony.
    Greater (more blessed) is the one who blesses, that the one whom is blessed 🙂
    Sincere regards of Love, Light and Christ-Consciousness
    Shrivani & Michael

  115. A blessed day to all of us!
    First of all, I would like to thank God Almighty for His unconditional love for us and for His abundant supply, for His only begotten Son Jesus.
    God answered our prayer, Bro. Andrew, in such a short time. Thank you very much for your intercessory prayers. My son will report for work this coming Wednesday, May 22. God’s plan is really amazing. The company my son will work for is very near our place. Within walking distance!!! How could I thank God?! How could I thank a servant of God like you, Bro Andrew? You are heaven sent.
    Lord God, my endless thank for your blessings. I really hold on to your promises on Jeremiah 29:11-13: 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

  116. Dear Andrew and Vanessa,
    I have last contacted you about 9 years ago and I just want to thank GOD that you are a part of my life. I just want to share a testimony with you. My daughter was turning 10 and it was her crown birthday and was going to have a party for her I had sold leave at work and was issued with a cheque. I cashed the cheque which was over R1000.00 and was on my way home after getting off my lift club I was robbed and stabbed at the back of my neck. There were 6 robbers and they just pushed me to the ground and made off with my bag. I just stood there in shock because the other lady that walked with me had on expensive jewellery and they never attack her and to top it all she was a non believer. There were also other ladies that just got off the bus as well and these robbers did not attack them but came straight to me. This really got me angry and I stood up dusted myself and started praying in a loud voice and said “LORD YOU SAID THAT WHEN I AM IN AGONY AND IN DESPAIR I MUST CALL UPON YOU AND YOU WILL ANSWER ME SO THERE I AM NOW CALLING YOU TO ANSWER ME BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A DEAF GOD YOU ARE GOD THAT ANSWERS BY THUNDER AND LIGHTNING LORD PLEASE DON`T BRING SHAME UPON ME AND YOU FOR YOU LET THE UNBELIEF GO AND LET ME GET CAUGHT BY THE ROBBERS” It was 5pm in the afternoon in April and believe me when I say that GOD answered me by lightning. A flash of lightning went across the blue sky I did not complete praying when suddenly my bag landed by my feet over 18 people witnessed the hand of GOD. I opened my bag and showed everyone proof that nothing was taken. As for the robbers they fled with fear in different directions. But still I did not condemn them but prayed for them.
    And you know what after this encounter with the LORD the devil attacks me with depression. My oldest brother was shot dead outside his house in a robbery and when I was getting over his death another brother was murdered outside his factory. I became depressed and let the depression get the better of me. I was suffering from chronic depression and through your intervention and GODS guidance I have been weaned of my depression tablets. I have overcome suicide three times over. About 8 years back I sent you an email telling you of my abuse and I just could not come to terms with my abuse and have contemplated suicide on numerous occasions but your daily thought that you send through every single day has saved my life. You have impacted on my life in so many ways. Once I walked from one district to another about 25kms on the railway line to commit suicide but was saved because on that day Spoornet was on strike and no trains came by. I believe that it was the hand of GOD and again all your scriptures that you send through was going through my head like bees buzzing in my ear. I just cannot thank you enough for your ministry. Every day I look forward to open my e-mails just to read what GOD has in store for me. I no longer want to commit suicide and I have been set free just by reading your daily thoughts. All I need now is financial breakthrough so that I can sow in your ministry. I am going to start at the end of May with R50.00 so if you could please send me your banking details I will sign a debit order with my bank and as I be blessed I will increase my debit order.
    I thank GOD for giving me the courage to send you this testimony.
    Thank you for blessing me.
    Vasie Singh
    Vasie Singh

  117. Good morning
    I refer to the notes that were sent out on 27 March 2013, “Believing God when things seem impossible!”
    I too was a Hannah until my husband and I found out that we were pregnant on our 21 Wedding Anniversary. We have been through the mill of emotions of fertility treatments but had come to the conclusion that God had a different path for us and that having kids was not in our future.
    We are blessed to have 3 boys in our lives, a newphew and a friends 2 boys who we love and share special moments with and love playing the parental rolls of mother and father when they are in our care.
    Needless to say I had been feeling out of sorts and asked my husband to buy me a pregnancy test which was positive and the panic set in but I calmed him down and said that I would only happy once blood tests had been done. Those tests came back positive as well saying we were 6-7 weeks pregnant. It was all daunting as I would be turning 44 in a couple of days and my husband had just turned 48.
    We had our 1st scan on 6th March 2013 to discover we were actually 11.4 weeks pregnant the 1st Trimester almost behind us and what a beautiful sight to see a baby in my womb, I was in tears. We had to have a Fetal Assessment done ASAP so on the 18th March we found out that our baby was 100% healthy and that is was going to be a BOY.
    I blamed God for not giving us any children but after making peace with Him and all the situations that life threw our way I can now thank Him for sculpting me and allowing me to bare a child in His time. I have the most loving and supportive husband and I know God knows we will be awesome parents.
    We are now 16.5 weeks pregnant and know that God is walking this amazing path with us and we pray that He keeps us (Mom, dad & baby) safe and sound from now until forever.
    Please keep us in your prayers.
    God Bless

  118. Hi Pastor.
    I would like to thank you very much for your prayers. I’m writing in particular to the one of the 20th of this month. I subscribed in end of November last year.
    I was a person who was willing to worship God but there was something holding me back. Through the wisdom words and
    prayers i was receiving from you, I tell you from the first Sunday of January to this day I’ve never missed church service on Sunday.
    Thank you very much for changing people’s lives. May God bless you!

  119. On 21 -01-2013, after reading my daily devotion from Alive to God, Hebrews 13:5, I found that it touched very much of what I had been thinking about that day. Having tried deal with my own problems and needs by approaching people for assistance and being disaappinted quiet a number of times, it brought an awakening that I was sticking my nose in God’s business as HE, and only Him is my provider.
    i wrote to Pastor Roebert to tell him about thw blessing I had received from this particular scripture, and how I had subjected myself to humiliation and destroyed my inner peace because , I did not , in times of need, turn to the LOrd for provision and help. Of course PAstor respinded immediately as HE always does and gave me the assurance that it is well and that he had requested the Intercessors to pray for me.
    The very next morning I woke up to an Sms that was an answer to my problem.
    If we cast all our cares to him, and be in him than in the world, and ask all we need ih his name, he will supply all our needs according to his glorious riches in Christ. Be still. And trust in the Lord. He is the answer to all our needs and problems. He is worthy to be praised.
    Thank you Jesus. Thanks to you MOG and your Christian family. May He keep you and bless you abundantly. Your Ministry has kept me inspired in the Lord for almost 15 years now. I thank you.

  120. Dear Andrew and Vanessa,
    Thank you for sending me these beautiful notes on Living with Expectation. This scripture holds a very special place in my heart and is so appropriate for me today. I will print the notes and go and read them to my Mom and Dad. This scripture is a Rhema word for me when in 2000 I turned 40 and was suffering severe panick attacks. When the Lord healed me instantly after prayer and the scripture given me was this scripture. It was only a month later when it was confirmed as my family had secretly paid for me to go Parasailing out in the ocean as a celebration of me turning 40. It was so daunting and a test of faith to go out on a boat and be hoisted very high into the air. I woke on the morning of the event feeling so exuberant and readly to experience this lovely gift from my family. Being in the boat I did have to put on a brave face. After having the harness fitted and being hoisted into the air, I felt such a peace come over me. It was a magnificent day with the ocean a blanket of crystal clear water glistening in the sun. I went higher and higher gripping the harness and then I let go with arms out straight, I felt such joy and release and the Holy Spirit say to me so clearly. “See I told you would be lifted up as on wings of Eagles, you shall not grow weary and not be faint, For I am with you forever, you shall not fear anymore”. I let out a cry of joy and tears as I was dropped into the ocean and then flew up into the air again, waving and laughing and crying with such a thankful heart to God who is so faithful, so gracious and knows exactly when to meet our needs sufficiently. I have never suffered a panick attack since then and have helped others going through it. This scripture is so precious to me and is helping me as I go through the current trial we are facing.
    My dear Mother, Naomi is suffering terminal cancer. She is thankfully a born-again spirit filled child of God. Her faith is so strong. This has been such a blow to our family and has come so suddenly. Mom was the healthiest out of all of us. She gave up smoking 45 years ago but now this insideous disease has come to claim her life. She suddenly took ill and feeling weak, no symptoms of cough or infection in the lungs, but after blood tests it was revealed abnormality in the liver after being in hospital a week and numerous tests and then CT scan the cancer started in the lungs and had already spread to all her organs and lymph glands. We are devestated. My father, Ben is so scared and lost and is questioning why God allowed this to happen to such a loving, faith-filled Mother and Wife. His whole world is my mother. He’s always been a proud and a hard man who always took care of Mom and now he’s broken and tormented. Now is not the time to try and explain that God wants my father’s heart and that Mom is going to be with the Lord which is what she wants. I pray and expect great and wonderful testimony in time, that God will be able to divinely reach my Dad. We cannot begin to understand why this should happen to anyone and why God allows it, but I do know God is sovereign and wants us to wait, rely and be totally dependant on Him to meet all the challenges we face in this life. The rewards are far greater than we can know.
    God bless you both for this amazing ministry.
    I look foreward to the daily word everyday. My hope too is that you and your family will keep in perfect peace and God’s divine protection, in the country of our birth that is in such turmoil. By the way the Jacaranda trees look glorious. Thank you.
    God Bless,
    Oceans of Love,
    Vanessa Hickman

  121. 26th October, 2012 – Maputo. Mozambique
    Dear Andrew,
    Thank you so much for this Word each day.
    Cannot even start to tell you how absolutely applicable it is each and every day of my life. Like it was meant just for me.
    Yesterday, 25th of October, I had to go into a meeting with all my labor, who were striking already for 10 days. Completely illegal and seriously damaging to the company – They did press releases, TV etc and they insulted myself and the company big time.
    I was so angry and had no love not even a drop of compassion in my heart for them. I was not looking forward to the meeting and then I got the Word of yesterday and Yes, God has spoken!!
    “Verse: Colossians 3:12
    ‘As God’s chosen people, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.'”
    I asked God to give me that peace and that heart and I went into the meeting extremely calm. It lasted 6 hours and I came out in total triumph.
    about 90% of the workers proofed to have been utterly misinformed by the Syndicate committee and they were not guilty of anything. However, we found peace and reconciliation.
    God is amazingly faithful. Thank you so much – and may the Lord bless you abundantly for your obedience to the Spirit.
    Thank you.
    Danica is getting very well. She says she is forgetting things, but it will come right. Thank you also for the prayers of your intercessors. I am appealing that they please can continue to pray for their souls. For Erik and Danica. This is a time of broken ground, in which good seed can be sown. Thank you and Thank God for His faithfulness.

  122. My! this journey is becoming more and more amazing for me! This is the first time I have been introduced (or responded to the invite) to leave a reply and how precious to read other people’s testimonies (quite an interesting word – test – i – monies – considering what monies does to most people!(). Well I would like to share my story – I pray for over 100 women in my life, saved and unsaved and I send them an e-mail letting them know I am praying for them that day and share Andrew’s and Vanessa’s daily devotion. Over and over I receive replies thanking me but just yesterday I had a particularly interesting experience.
    . Yesterday a young mother in another country phoned me ( who is in the States) to share that the verse she got was a strong confirmation that the Lord was with her through the trial she was facing. She shared over and over again how THAT verse encouraged her to keep going. Thank you, Andrew and Vanessa for being an instrument in God’s Hands and I enjoy passing it on. Blessings, June

  123. I have also felt at times i wanted to give up and i would almost taunt God and arrogantly ask him to show me signs that he really existed and most of the time the word from Alive to God would encourage me as if it was God actually speaking to me, I guess it was Him speaking through Alive to God ministries. These are encouraging stories. We all have hardships, but we overcome them and the common denominator in all our stories, is Jesus Christ. Bless you all Enver

  124. Hi Pastor Andrew
    I am unsure as to how to begin to tell my story. Unfortunately in the past few years I’ve lost most of my faith, but I am slowly but surely starting to regain what I’ve lost, and I can say one thing there is no lonelier place than the place without God.
    My story is a long one, but I’ll try and keep it short.
    In 2010 my mother started getting sick, she had what they called a hyperactive thyroid, which simply means that a quite large strong woman shrunk down to virtually nothing. Through all this, I kept faith, believing that God, with the help of the Doctors will make her better. Being an only child I looked after my mother since my father passed away in 1997. The disease got worse and caused congestive heart failure and even through this I kept faith. But in 2011 a series of events started which had me hanging on by a tread. Firstly my mother and I got attacked by three armed robbers in our home, one of them nearly killed my mother by slitting her throat and that is when my faith started wobbling. Why would a God in which I had so much faith, allow this to happen to an already sick woman. After the attack my mother’s condition deteriorated rapidly. We went from doctor to doctor, from state hospital to state hospital in search of help. In one hospital we were treated worse than animals and my anger grew. The hatred, anger and repulsion I felt towards all that was human had no equal as well as towards God. I shouted at Him, I cursed Him and I hated Him. There were times when I felt like my head would explode with anger and hate.
    My mother passed away 28 April 2012. She died in my arms and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it.
    On that day I prayed. I prayed to God to help me get through this, to be my strength, to make me strong to show the people that had wronged us the error of their ways, because I’ve lost the only person that was important to in my life and I was about to loose everything else – my job – as there was a few people who was hell bent on making my life very difficult, the home I grew up in, as this was still in my mothers name, everything I’ve learned to care for, her funeral policy was to small to cover the funeral and I had no money to cover the estate.
    God heard me! He provided me with a lawyer that will handle the estate for a minimum fee, my mother had a small policy which I’ve forgotten about which will hopefully cover the estate as well as the lawyer fees. The family I thought did not care paid for the funeral. The people who had wronged me at work, well God is working in their lives now and showing them the wrong they had done.
    I received your e-mails even before all this happened, but it meant nothing to me and I often deleted them without even reading or I had a sinister remark. In the last two months your e-mails started lifting my spirit and my heart has started feeling lighter. I’m still hurting a lot and I am still struggling with forgiveness towards those that have done us so much wrong, but I can start feeling Gods love again in my heart. The “why’s” still often pop up every now and then when I’m alone in the house, but I expect that with God’s love, that will also soon just be a very bad memory. I cannot wait in the mornings to read your e-mail even when the hurt starts to flair up again. Thank you.

  125. This is a perfect example of the power of God, Today in Church the Pastor was preaching about the POWER of Jesus blood through the resurrection, and he said that when WE as people have FAITH in the blood that was shed by Jesus that saves us from an eternity of damnation satan and sin trembles at the thought of this. When we pray for the blood to deliver us and our families we can be sure Jesus will work his way through the lives that we place in his hands. I pray that Jesus continues to work through you. I too have this problem with my family but I cast all problems unto Jesus Christ, knowing that nothing is impossible for God.
    Be blessed
    Kind regards

  126. Praise the Lord Andrew!!!!!!!!!
    I must say these notes were tailored just for me! As I read through, it felt like you were telling my story which has become my lifetime Testimony!!!!!!!!
    In brief, I was married for 3years without a child!!!!!!!!!! Pressure mounted, my husband was frustrated, I prayed but He was silent! I was devastated, I cried myself to sleep every night, I got angry with God, I hated him ……..i asked myself what kind of God I serve who could let me go through such pain and tears. He however (through some one) promised He would answer at His time, I just needed to be patient! But I was rather to frustrated to listen.
    At the end of the fourth year, I finally had a baby boy………..9months old now!
    That experience has brought me closer to God, I have learnt to trust him more and more, I have learnt to seek Him more and want to understand His ways better!
    I praise Him each minute of my life, in songs, thoughts and conversations! I tell my testimony to whoever cares to listen!!!!. My family is amazed at my God!
    So I surely know that God used my test to create a testimony for the glory of His mighty name! and for the tremendous change in my life.
    The whole experience helped me fall I love with the Lord! I love Him! Oh my!

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