Our Father

God is our Father. As with our earthly fathers, we should be able to communicate with ease.
I have a two daughters. Many times it is just small talk, but I give them my full attention and listen intently. I will always ask them to tell me their secrets and they will usually tell me that they haven’t got any secrets except that they love me!
God wants to do just the same. He wants us to come and talk to Him and He is waiting just to listen to us speaking to Him. Jesus taught us to pray to Our Father.

Luke 11:2 He said to them, “When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven”.

Our Father is always ready to listen when we talk to Him! How do we speak to our fathers? I don’t go to my father and say: ‘Be thou my vision, Oh father of my life!’ I just speak to him and in the same way God wants to us to speak to Him.
God is ‘our Father!’
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