Do not fear! God will help you

Listen to what we hear over and over again, in the Bible, something that God said repeatedly:  DO NOT FEAR!

Joshua 8:1 Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Don’t be afraid or discouraged.
Judges 6:23 “It’s all right,” the Lord replied. “Don’t be afraid! You shall not die.”
Isaiah 41:13 I am holding you by your right hand—I, the Lord your God—and I say to you, Don’t be afraid; I am here to help you.

When it comes to the fears we all battle with, we can ask God for His help.  If you are battling today, why not consider doing this.  Go to God and call on Him to help you.  I believe He will do just that and that He will step into our lives and help us.

Psalm 34:4 For I cried to him and he answered me! He freed (delivered) me from all my fears.

The rewards are that we can know what it means to be delivered and freed from all our fears.  That is the way I want to live. If you need God to help you in this regard, ask Him!

Isaiah 8:13 Don’t fear anything except the Lord of the armies of heaven! If you fear him, you need fear nothing else.

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