Forgiveness is the key to freedom

Unforgiveness holds onto the right to be offended.  Giving the gift of forgiveness brings freedom.  We all want this freedom in our lives.
The problem is that life gives us reason to be offended and wronged. It is an inevitable part of life. For this reason we need to learn to forgive so that we can remain free.
You may ask how is this possible.  I believe that it starts on the inside as we get to the point where we are willing to extend forgiveness to others.  Prayer plays a vital role. Sometimes it is not possible to forgive people to their faces but we can do it as we pray. God knows!
Forgiveness includes releasing others and brings freedom to them.  In a very real sense we need to have an attitude of forgiveness and walk in forgiveness.
Just because we have extended forgiveness does not mean the situation will always just go away.  It is for this reason that you and I need to walk in forgiveness to others.
You and I deserve the freedom that forgiveness can bring.

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