The destructive sacrifice idea

This is a dimension where we can allow control to become destructive in our lives. We can allow this aspect of control to become something that is out of step with God’s word and principles.
I have had good Christian people tell me that God told them to get divorced. Years ago we had a church in our city that developed into a cult. Children of members of our congregation would attend this church and they would be swept up claiming to be ‘doing what God was telling them to do’. At the same time they would disregard their parent’s requests and advice from other Christian leaders. They would do things considered inconceivable beforehand.
On the other hand I have heard of churches that insist you consult them or the leadership on many of the basic issues of life. Allowing God to have control, does not mean some spiritual leader should control your life or even elements of your life. Spiritual leaders are meant to be shepherds, modeling what they do by the example of the Good Shepherd.
In a certain culture there are still some people who perform Satee. Satee is a cultural tradition, where, upon the death of a man, when he is cremated, his wife/widow is required and/or chooses to get onto the funeral pyre and she is cremated alive with her deceased husband. This practice is fortunately seldom practiced any more.
We must always be open to correction, input, submission and new revelation. When we think we have the only correct handle on things and we stubbornly do what we want to do, we may think that God is in control of our lives, but usually we are deceived.
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  1. Dear Andrew, I appreciate your Blogs, Tweets and Facebook comments and teachings so much. I don’t always “like” or “comment”, but do know that I appreciate (and delight in) it. God bless you, your family and your ministry.

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