How to handle difficult times

If we know how to handle the difficult times it will help us get through such times.  The Bible is full of examples of people who lived through difficulties and challenge and overcame.
Paul and Silas are such an example to us.  They have had been falsely accused, Publicly tried, Beaten, Sent to jail, Placed in stocks.  What was there response?
They began to PRAY, SING and PRAISE GOD!
How different is this to how we handle things today. Today we would get stressed, pressurized, angry, discouraged, despairing and depressed.
How about this for a strategy when you face difficulty and challenge: PRAY, SING and PRAISE GOD?
The key to our outcome seems to lie in our reaction and attitude.  I see people today descend into negativity and pessimism, fear and distress, depression and hopelessness.  Perhaps the example Paul and Silas set for us is something we could consider: PRAY, SING and PRAISE GOD.
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