You are not alone

We often feel that we are the only ones that have to face things that we cannot understand.
We sometimes think that other people are so fortunate and that everything seems to work out for them and we have to face so many things that leave us asking the questions; ‘why me Lord?’But you are not alone.
The other day I was talking to a wealthy doctor, who is a friend of mine. In a rare moment He told me of the things that he was facing. As He shared with me the distress in his own life, I suddenly looked at my own life and realized that the things I was asking God about paled in comparison to what He was facing and my questions seemed so minor.
The issue is we all face times and situations when things do not seem to make sense, but this does not mean that God has deserted us.
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  1. A few weeks ago in bible study (we are covering the book of Isaiah) there was a question when we studied Isaiah 40 “In what situations have you felt deserted by God?” I was pondering this, and came to the realization, even if it feels like you are deserted, you never were!!! God was still at your side and made sure that you came out on the other side 🙂

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