Attitude and altitude

My brother is a pilot and he has told me about a certain piece of equipment that they use as pilots. In aircraft there is an instrument called an ATTITUDE meter. This instrument measures the pitch of the plane. It shows if you are in a nose-up position or a nose-down position.
After extended flying or especially in adverse conditions things can begin to feel different to the facts.  At this point flying becomes dangerous. Are you going to trust your feelings or the gauges?You may ask why you would need such an instrument. Surely you can sense and tell that you are climbing or getting lower? However this is one of the aspects of flying that is very important and yet can easily bring confusion.
The goal is this: if you are flying in a nose-up position you will hold and gain altitude. The danger is this: if you are not flying in a nose-up position, sooner of later you will crash. The attitude meter measures this aspect and constantly reports to the pilot.
Our attitudes are like this meter. If our attitudes are in a nose-up position we will rise to new heights, no matter how much headwind. If however our attitudes are in a nose-down position, it will eventually bring us down – even in ideal circumstances.
This calls for constant evaluation and adjustment. It is this flexibility to adjust our attitudes constantly to the prevailing situations so that it will constantly bring us out on top that leads to success in life!
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  1. Hapi nu yr Roebert en tx for yo inspiring msgs,they surely bring me closer to God even wen im feeling so low they lift me up.Be blessed over n over again.

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