You can feel secure

You can feel secureSecurity is something everyone is looking for.

  • People want to feel secure in their jobs.
  • People want to feel secure in there homes.
  • People want to feel secure in their relationships.
  • Security is a sought after commodity.
  • But real security cannot be found in the things that life offers us.
  • True security can only be found in the One who is secure.
  • If you are trusting God, then you can feel secure.
  • God offers us a secure hideaway in Himself.
  • God wants to become a secure foundation for us.
  • If we can stand on this foundation we can be full of trust.
  • We can live a life of confident expectation.
  • We can feel secure.

I believe that we can feel assured in our expectations and our longings.  If we will find our security in God we can be confident.

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