The Last Words of Jesus (Part 4 of 7)


Last words of Jesus4


Jesus did not say: ‘My God, it feels like you have forsaken me!’  Jesus knew what was happening.  God was placing the sin of all mankind on His Son and in that moment God, who could tolerate sin, turned away.  To be ‘forsaken’ is undesirable state.  To be ‘forsaken’ by God is the ultimate loss.  Jesus felt and carried the weight of this loss.
Now Jesus changes His terminology and He does not refer to God as His Father, but now God is God.  He knew that God could not tolerate sin and in that moment when He carried man’s sin, the reality of God as GOD was a reality.
Today God cannot look or tolerate our sin and we need to understand that sin separates us from God.  Therefore we need to deal with sin in our own lives.  We need to repent and ask God to forgive us, realizing that He is God, but in the process He can become Our Father!

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  1. Let us at all times, give the Lord, Praise, Glory, Honour & Thanksgiving, for paying the highest price, for our Salvation, in Jesus Name amen & amen! ! !

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