Desperate people

SCRIPTURE READING: 1 Samuel 1:1 to 1 Samuel 2:11

Trusting GodBut then something seems to change.  It seemed like Elkanah and his family made regular trips to the temple.  But on this particular trip, Hannah reaches a level where she becomes desperate.  No longer does she care who sees her or what she looks like.
Her desperate circumstances move her to a place of desperation. In her desperation she cries out to God.  It was such a dramatic change that even the priest thought she was drunk.  Her desperation was visible.  Hannah was praying so intently that her lips moved silently with the words she spoke to God in her heart. Eli the priest saw her and accused her of being drunk.  She answered that she was praying, pouring out her soul to the Lord. She told Eli that she was deeply distressed and was praying to the Lord.
Many people find themselves in this this kind of situation today.  They are desperate within themselves.  Often their desperation is written all over their faces, it has become visible.  Perhaps you are in such a situation today?

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