It's all about His presence

Praying at sunsetYou and I have been created to worship God. It is something that was created within us.  There is something within each one of us that longs to respond to God. Worship adds to our lives, it makes us richer. If we don’t think that we need worship, we are the poorer.  But when we discover what we were created for it is like coming home.  You and I were created to worship God.
We need more of the presence of God in our lives. The presence of God is what makes worship ‘real’.  We should be able to distinguish worship that amounts only to singing and worship that brings you into the Holy of Holies or the very presence of God.
Worship is not something we do to simple pass the time. Worship was intended to bring us into His presence. If we do not experience and enjoy God’s presence when we worship, then worship is just mere singing.

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